63 Baby Shower Koozie Ideas For a Perfect Surprise Party

Baby Shower Koozie Ideas

To celebrate the mom and the newborn the most amazing thing you could do is plan & throw a baby shower party. Planning a baby shower for your friends or siblings could be time-consuming. One of the things to think about is the gift and we have one of the best trending baby shower present people are loving these days. We have some exciting baby shower koozie ideas that you can customize and it will make a perfect surprise for any baby shower theme.

Best Baby Shower Koozie Ideas

There are just too many good ideas for a baby shower. We have curated some of the best baby shower koozie ideas and sayings as well. This will help you to customize your koozie with some funny sayings. Everyone is loving these koozie ideas and you can simply match it with any baby shower theme. Here is what we have for you.

Gender reveal koozie idea
  • gender reveal Gender Reveal Baby Shower Koozie Ideas

Turn your baby shower into a gender reveal with your friends and family. Gender reveal ideas is on such a trend these days. Make your party unique with custom baby shower koozie to reveal your baby’s gender in an innovative way. The color of the koozie will play a big role and it could turn out to be a pretty great experience.

You can customize a text that keeps you in surprise but only the color of the koozie gives you the hint of whether its a boy or a baby.

  • Its a boy Boy Baby Shower Koozie Ideas

Once after the ultrasound, you certainly know the gender of the baby. If it’s a boy you can plan the decorations and food accordingly. The most generic tradition of all time is picking out ‘blue’ as the color of a baby boy.

Whereas in modern days you can pick whichever color or theme you want even for the koozies. Choose a baby shower can koozie that matches the color theme of the baby shower.

Its a boy
Its a girl
  • icons8-romper-50 (1) Girl Baby Shower Koozie Ideas

Just after the ultrasound, the gender is revealed. You might know about the gender and then you can plan a baby shower party accordingly. Plan the booze and food accordingly. You can get koozies for a baby shower on which the saying is all about baby girl.

You can even get custom baby shower koozies on which the messages, logos, or text are customizable according to your choice.

63 Baby Shower koozie Sayings

We have listed out some of the most amazing baby showers can koozie sayings along with baby shower koozie ideas. You can pick out the ones which you like and get the custom baby shower koozie at your doorstep.

Popular Baby Shower Koozie Sayings

  1. Soon to be a family of three
  2. ABC we’re parents-to-be
  3. Baby is brewing
  4. He or She What will the baby be?
  5. OK, but first MILK
  6. Baby is on the way
  7. Mom-to-be / Dad-to-be
  8. Raise your beer, Give a cheer as our baby will be here!
  9. A little pumpkin poppin’ out soon
  10. Huggies & Chuggies
  11. Pizza & Beer before the baby gets here
  12. Time to pop a bottle 
  13. Oh Baby!
  14. Something special is brewing 
  15. Sip Sip Hurray!
  16. Here’s & Cheers to new baby adventures
  17. Someone special, someone dear, someone new to love is here
  18. Cuddles & tickles on toes with a sweet kiss on the nose
  19. Little hands, little feet, hello baby, goodbye sleep!
  20. All sugar & spice, babies are always nice
  21. Diapers & Wipes, babies come with new lives
  22. Little deer about to be here
  23. Peek-a-boo, can’t wait to see you
  24. Baby blaze & happy diaper ‘daze’
  25. Baby powder, baby oil, soon you’ll have someone to spoil
  26. Diaper & pins, a new life begins
  27. Buttons, Bows & Tiny Toes
  28. A labor of love, came from above 
  29. Pink or Blue? No Clue but God Bless baby & you
  30. Little blessing, little one, a new baby is so much fun!
Koozie Sayings For a Baby Boy

  1. Soon we’ll have a baby boy to hold, till they let hope our drinks to be cold
  2. A little champ is on his way!
  3. It’s a boy!
  4. Heartily cheers to the cute little boy on the way
  5. Boy, Oh boy!
  6. Baby boy on the way, let’s celebrate a new day
  7. Bear hugs, grass stains, clothes covered in mud, welcome our little bud
  8. It’s a little mustache 
  9. A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy
  10. The time is near, baby boy is almost here
  11. Ships ahoy! It’s a boy
Koozie Sayings For a Baby Girl

  1. For your drink to celebrate the baby in pink
  2. A princess is all set to step out
  3. It’s a girl
  4. Baby girls as the greatest gift
  5. It’s a little girl squirt
  6. Hip Hip Hooray! Baby girl is on the way
  7. A baby girl to love from the heaven above
  8. Tickled pink & glad to say, an adorable baby girl on the way
  9. She’s about to pop
  10. Princess in progress
  11. Ribbon & pearl, it’s all about the girl
Koozie Sayings For Twins

  1. Think Pink? Think Blue? They are almost due
  2. Twinkle Twinkle little star, can’t wait to see how cute they are
  3. Fairy tales coming true because they are coming through
  4. A girl & a boy, you will bring much joy
  5. Anchor’s away, baby blooms are on the way!
  6. Pitter-patter little feet, baby girls make our life complete
  7. A miss and a mister coming as a twister
  8. Bottles, Booties & Diaper pins, doubling up with the twins
  9. Chubby cheeks & bouncy curls, we are having two girls
  10. One, Two, So much to do!
  11. Double the feedings, double the toys, we’re having two little boys

These baby shower koozie ideas will help you pick the best koozies for your party. You can use the most appropriate baby shower koozie sayings and get the amazing can koozies for baby shower customized.


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