121 Interesting and Successful Brand Collaborations For All Time

121 Best Brand Collaborations

Brand Collaboration is one of the most effective and exciting marketing strategies. You can find a brand collaboration between brands of the same or different industries. Although, why did brands feel the need to come together to do collaborations?

The simple answer would be to boost the sales of both brands. It helps the brand to spread awareness about their new product line or simply give their audience a new perspective on their products. Here are some of the best brand collaborations in different industries.

Most Surprising Brand Collaboration

There are some brands that we would have never thought of collaborating with until they did! Now brands only get into a collaboration, if they feel there is something for both. Here are a few of the collaborations that came as a surprise to all and why.

1. Go Pro and Red Bull

GoPro and Redbull

American technology company Go Pro manufactures action cameras and develops mobile and video editing software. It is most popular among athletes because it can be easily attached to your head, surfboard, helmet, or handlebars. While Red Bull is the Australian giant company that sells energy drinks. More than 169 countries consume their energy drink. In 2016 these 2 brands decided to make a collaboration. 

Red bull used its fame and experience to organize different events like a stunt, races, action sports, and traveling activities whereas GoPro have had access to more than 1800 such Redbull events. Go pro captured all those events and owns all the content right and co-production. The content is distributed on both company’s websites and channels.

In 2019 they took this collaboration to a new height when the “Stratos” event was held. During this event, Felix Baumgartner jumped from a space pod that was at an altitude of 24 miles from the earth. The GoPro was strapped to him. On that day he set 3 world records and gave a new impression to GoPro and Red Bull. On youtube, the live views were more than 8 million.

2. Burger King & McDonald’s

Mcd and Burger king

McDonald’s and Burger King both are the world’s largest restaurant chains. They serve more than 70 million consumers every day. These two companies are direct rivals of each other. There is a battle between these two brands in world business history. 

Would you believe that these two brands have collaborated? Yes, you heard it right, in 2019  burger king and McDonald’s two fiercest rivals made a collaboration for a co-marketing campaign. Burger King launched a campaign named ‘Day Without Whopper’ and stopped selling their best-selling burger for a day. This was to increase the sales of Big Mac Burger of MacDonald.

At that time MacDonald used to donate $2 to child cancer charities for every Big Mac Sold. Therefore, Burger King stopped selling their best-selling burger to help in fundraising. They also suggested finding the nearest MacDonald and buying Big Mac. The response to this campaign was fabulous. For such a kind gesture Burger King won the heart of billions of people. 

Other Collaborations that Surprised Many:

3. BMW & Luis Vuitton

4. Balenciaga & The Simpsons

5. Adidas & Allbirds

Interesting Fashion Brand Collaboration

If you are discussing brand collaboration then the fashion industry comes at the top. They have had many very successful collaborations. Let’s see some of the best fashion brand collaborations.

6. Cheetos and Forever 21

cheetos and forever 21

This collaboration occurred in 2019. They printed different cheesy snacks of Cheetos and Cheetos logos on different fashion products such as accessories and clothes. This was a unique idea of creating clothes with your favorite snacks printed on them. The audience of both of these brands were similar age groups that are young adults which helped them to succeed.

7. Louis Vuitton and Supreme

Louis vuitton x Supreme

Talking about the most popular collaboration you can’t miss Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration 2017. Louis Vuitton is one of the most luxurious brands in the fashion industry. The two brands collaborated to produce new products such as hats, wallets, bags, and sunglasses. This collaboration seems simple but items were sold out within minutes of its release. It was considered a masterminded collaboration.

8. Gucci and Disney


Gucci is a fashion company that sells makeup, fragrances, handbags, accessories, and footwear. Whereas Disney is a media and entertainment company. A 2020 collaboration for the occasion of Chinese new year. Gucci launched Mickey mouse printed products. Since then they have come together three times. This collaboration helped both the brands to gain audiences from totally different industries. 

9. Levi’s and Pinterest

Pinterest X Levis

Levi’s and Pinterest are also totally two different category brands however Levi’s has collaborated with Pinterest on a personal styling tool. Levi’s is a jeans company while Pinterest is a social media platform. This is one of the unique collaborations you might have seen.

Here, a custom inspiration board is generated depending on the user’s test. It is named “Styled by Levi’s” where users can select gender, and five product images they relate to. And they are asked to log in to get a more personalized and customization service.

Other Fashion Brands Collaboration:

10. ASOS & Glaad

11. Arizona & Adidas release 99-cent sneakers

12. Telfar & White Castle

13. A Bathing Ape & Heineken

14. UNICEF & Target

15. Louis Vuitton & Royole

16. Google & Yves Saint Laurent

17. Calpak & Taco Bell

18. Quay & Paris Hill

19. Philip Rim & Panda Express

20. Royalty for Maluma at Macy’s

21. Hip Dot & Girls Scout

22. Supreme & Tiffany & Co.

23. Yeezy & Gap

24. Champion & Tafi

25. Adidas & James Bond

26. Sabyasachi & H&M

27. PUMA & RCB

28. Dior & Saci

29. Versace & Fendi

30. Gucci & Balenciaga

31. Fendi & -Skims

32. Batsheva & Laura Ashley

33. Louis Vuitton & NBA

34. Marina Raphael & Swarovski

35. Coach & Champion

36. Polaroid & Lacoste

Cool Footwear Brand Collaboration

Many collect footwear and if you are someone who loves to wear new cool footwear. You must check out these brands who collaborated to create something very cool.

37. Fila and Chupa Chups

fila X chupa chups

The latest collaboration of Fila is with Chupa Chups which is for the sweet teeth. This collection includes different products ranging from hoodies, and bucket hats to t-shirts. They also have cute sliders and sneakers which have imprints of Chupa Chups. You certainly can grab the pieces online and even in Fila stores.

38. Nike and Dior

dior X nike

In 2020 Dior men’s collection decided to collaborate with Nike on the occasion of Air Jordan’s 35th anniversary. Nike decided to go for their first luxury footwear. The company released 13000 pairs of sneakers among them 5000 were for Dior top customers. More than 5 million people registered on their website while the product was launched. This itself suggests this collaboration’s success.

Other Cool Footwear Brands Collaborations:

39. Sharpie & Nike

40. Vans & Harry Potter

41. Nike & PG2 Play station

42. Balenciaga & Crocs

43. Ben & Jerry and Nike

44. Magic Fruity Pebble & Nike & Le Bron James

45. Diplo & Crocs

46. Lil Nas X & MSCHF

47. Comme des Garcons & Nike premier 

48. Crocs & Justin Bieber 

49. Yeezy & Adidas

50. Miu Miu & New Balance

51. Van & Everyone

Exciting Technology Brand Collaboration

Techs collaborations are always exciting. It shows how advanced and easy things can become. Here are some of the exciting tech brands collaborations.

52. Apple & MasterCard

Apple x Mastercard

When Apple launched its digital payment app called apple pay. It entirely changed the method of transaction. This application allowed people to store their debit card and credit card data online. Although credit cards can only be saved with permission from that company. That is when this collaboration took place.

Using different marketing strategies such as offering “priceless surprise” and so many other master cards brought the attention of many customers to new services. This was one of the revolutionary collaborations that happened in the field of technology.

53. Airbnb and Flipboard

Airbnb x Flipboard

Airbnb and Flipboard collaboration has given a new product to their customer which is called a trip. Airbnb was the online community marketplace that connects people who are looking for accommodation and people who rent their houses. Similarly, Flipboard was the online news and magazine app. 

Now, after their campaign, both their customer can enjoy both the services in one place. Airbnb users can read any story on Flipboard to win a free Airbnb trip, and gives many other exciting prizes daily. This partnership shows how different businesses can connect with their customer.

54. Amazon and American Express

amazon X american express

In 2020 Amazon and American express agreed to unite and lunch a new small business credit card to sustain small businesses in the UK which sell on their platform. Billions of amazon users will get the benefit to buy services and goods using credit cards.

Both the brands have several customers so both companies can build brand trust by enhancing their performance. You can get many benefits using these cards. Using this card businesses can earn a 2% amazon reward point. They can use these points to pay for their next amazon purchase. 

55. Android and Kit Kat


Do you know that Google has the trend to name its new android version after sweets in alphabetical order? In 2013 android decided to name its next version “KitKat”. But for that, they have to take permission from KitKat company Nestle. The collaboration deal was finalized in late 2012 in Barcelona.

The deal was simple, more than 50 million KitKat bars had android branding. They offered the chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet and google play gift cards to the buyers. Also, they had to manufacture KitKat bars in the shape of the android logo. This helps both the brands in marketing.

There is also another famous technological brand that has collaborated with other brands. Some of the other brands which introduce their limited collaboration items are as follows.

56. Uber & Spotify

57. Apple & Nike

58. Samsung & Hugo Boss

59. Motorola & Dolce Gabana

60. BLU & Supreme

61. Honor & Moschino

62. Hermes & Leica

63. Adidas & Bored Ape Yacht Club

64. Lovers & Svakom & Feel Technology

65. ORSTED & Khora VR

66. B&O & ON

67. LG & Prada

68. Nike & Apple

Cosmetics Brands

The cosmetics industry is one of the biggest industries. Body care, color cosmetics, hand care, face care, and hair care all fall under this category. Let’s dive into some of the most unexpected cosmetics brand collaborations that we love.

69. Museum of ice cream and Sephora

Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora

Have you ever visited the museum of ice cream? I guess you have. We all love ice cream and makeup. Sephora is one of the world’s most renowned brands which sells skin care, fragrances makeup, body care, and hair care. In 2018 Sephora and Music of ice cream made a collaboration to give some new experiences to their customer. 

They produced some limited edition products. One of their most sold product was a popsicle-shaped palette which was available in 12 matte and shimmer shades and with a brush for touchups. They had also many other cutest colorful products such as a sugar wafer face palette, and let them eat popsicles lip sets, rainbow sherbet lashes, I scream charm bracelet, etc.

70. M.A.C and Disney

mac x disney

Isn’t it surprising? Two completely different industries one from entertainment and another from cosmetics are collaborating. In 2019 M.A.C announced that they are collaborating with Disney to lunch some unique products. M.A.C decided to lunch a collection according to the movies launched by Disney. Till now they have launched the Disney Alladin collection, Disney Cruella collection, and M.A.C Cinderella collection. 

All the makeup products are made of the same color as the character or theme of the movie. Also, the packaging of the product was royal. This was a great offer to their customer and a marketing strategy for both brands. Similarly, there are many other brands’ collaborations that impressed us such as:

71. Halo Top & Color pop Cosmetics

72. Cover Girl & Star Wars

73. MAC & Disney

74. Marc Jacobs & Uber

75. Innisfree & Mentos

76. Etude & Kitkat

77. Peeps & Hipdot’s

78. Aveda & 3.1 Philip Lim

79. Urban Decay & Marvel Studios Eternal Collection

Relishing food and Beverage Brand Collaboration

Brands with different fusion and tastes when combined, give you a delicious new taste. We have listed out some of the major brands of food and beverages whose collaboration will strike you down.

80. Kentucky Fried Chicken and Cheetos

kfc x cheetos

Are you a food lover?  Then you must have heard about KFC and Cheetos. KFC is one of the world’s biggest fast-food restaurants and Cheetos is the most renowned snacks brand. Since these two brands share shares the same customers. In 2019 both brands decided to collaborate. 

KFC partnered with Cheetos to make a new sandwich that is topped with Cheetos. It also decides to lunch crunchy traditional Cheetos and Cheetos sauce. They created something new on the menu which was loved by the customers. This collaboration was beneficial for both brands as they share the same customers and similar visions.

81. Doritos and Taco Bell

doritos x taco bell

You might know Dorito and Taco bell. They are the two most popular snack brands. The collaboration between these two brands was the most insane collaboration that happened in the food industry. Taco bell hired 15000 more employees to keep up with the demand. Now can you imagine how big was the demand? The idea was perfect to make both the brand successful. Sometimes you just need to have a proper vision and a perfect execution plan to make your business successful.

Some of the other best collaboration brands of food and beverages are as follows. You might not know about some of the brand collaborations. Check the following to know about other food and beverage brand collaborations.

82. Taco Bell & Doritos

83. Golf Le Fleur & Jeni’s Ice Cream 

84. Baskin Robins & Stranger Things

85. Warby Parker & Arby’s

86. Bonne Belle & Dr. Pepper

87. KFC & Crocs

88. Oreo & Pokemon

89. Pepsi & Netflix

90. Corona & Duolingo

91. Wendy’s & Rick and Morty

92. Pepsi & Peeps

93. Aldi & Brewdog

94. Spotify & Starbucks

95. Thomas Hedger & Off black tea

96. Spam & Huf

97. Oreo & Supreme

Home Appliances

Apart from fashion, footwear, and cosmetics, home appliance brands are also in the collaboration phase. You can check out the list of collaborative brands along with the more famous ones. 

98. IKEA and Off-White

ikea x off white

The collaboration between these two brands was announced in 2020. Off-white is the streetwear brand and IKEA is the largest furniture group. It has more than 400 stores worldwide.

This was one of the most hyped collaborations. IKEA updated its logo to Abloh’s signature quotation mark before dropping the “MARKERRAD” collection. Virgilabloh also shared the collection on his Instagram. The other products from the collections were “KEEP OFF” rugs, “WET GRASS” rugs, “SCULPTURE” brown bags, and so on.

99. Smeg and Supreme

smeg x supreme

Sometimes we see unexpected collaboration. Smeg and Supreme’s partnership is one of them. These two were different brands one was a styling brand and the other one was a lifestyle brand. Smeg launched a mini-fridge during this collaboration. 

The fridge is completely printed with the supreme logo. The fridge was also available on supreme’s website. The customers can easily order it. The main purpose of this collaboration was branding and marketing. However, it seems they did not do as well as expected.

If you want to know about some more brands which have collaborated then check the list given below. We have gathered all the home appliance brands which have collaborated with various other famous brands. 

100. Smeg & Dolce Gabbana

101. Pottery Barn & Sherwin Williams

102. Casper & West Elm

103. Dyson & Issy Miyake

104. Cafe & Le Creuset

105. GE & Google

106. IKEA & Animal Crossing

107. Taijiro Ishiko Design & Design Studio Lars Vejen

Luxurious Automotive Brand Collaboration

Some collaboration goes behind co-branding only. You just can’t even think what brands can collaborate these days. Check out the four famous collaborations of automotive brands that we have mentioned below.

108. BMW and Louis Vuitton

BMW x Louis vuitton

BMW and Louis Vuitton collaboration was the most luxury collaboration that ever happened. They launched a set of luggage for the new BMW i8. Following the sleek lines of the new i8 BMW, they designed a four-piece set of suitcases and bags. This collaboration helped both the brands to associate themselves with new technology and innovation. The idea was great though.

109. Lamborghini and Yoji Yamamoto

Lamborghini x yoji yamamoto

Who doesn’t know about the world’s most luxury automotive brand Lamborghini? In 2020 Lamborghini decided to collaborate with Japanese fashion icon Yohji Yamamoto. It was to celebrate its new lounge in Tokyo.

Lamborghini unveiled their new special edition of the Aventador S and garment capsule collection. This collaboration was requested by the Lamborghini head of design. He was inspired by the red and black contrast he saw on the Paris catwalk and asked the creator Yamamoto to create the design for Lamborghini.

110. Lamborghini and Supreme

lamborghini x Supreme

According to the chief marketing and communication office, Supreme understands the dynamism and resonated with the spirit of Lamborghini. Thus, they call their collaboration much unique and special. The iconic streetwear collection is combined with Lamborghini’s super sports design. The collection was sold out even at the peak time of the pandemic. 

111. Harley Davidson & Marvel

harley-davidson x marvel

One of the characters of Marvel, Captain America has been driving the Harley Davidson bike. That’s when the brand decided to collaborate not just for the sake of popularity but because they felt about how cool the icons and motifs looked. Harley Davidson then started a campaign through 25 more designs of Marvel superheroes.

Smart Tourism Brand Collaboration

Certainly, various tourism and accommodation brands have been collaborating for a long time. It helps them increase their advertising factor and benefits their sales. The profits reach a high point and the collaboration benefits both the brand with popularity.

112. Airbnb and Ikea

Ikea x Airbnb

As we know “none of us is as SMART as ALL OF US”. IKEA, one of the most popular furniture retailers decided to work together with Airbnb to give Australian a chance to sleep in an IKEA. The offer was for 3 families valid for one night only. The families who slept were allowed to keep the bed sheet and linens as a gift.

This offer was launched for Airbnb users. There are more than 17 million travelers who have experienced Airbnb services. IKEA was also listed on it. Even though this was a natural collaboration because of the similar customers, it was all marketing and branding strategy.

113. Eva Air and Hello Kitty

Hello, Kitty is a Japanese toy company and Eva Air is a Taiwanese airline company. These two brands Eva and Hello Kitty decided to collaborate. Eva Airlines decorated 3 of their airline’s exteriors with the cartoon character cat of hello kitty. This was the most unique and cutest marketing idea.

While customers were greeted by hello kitty gear at the counter. Every product from cookies to seats is printed hello kitty. This collaboration not only helped Eva Air to acquire more customers but also attracts the attention of a billion people around the world towards them.

Other brand names apart from the ones explained above are also listed. Some of such brands which have collaborated over the years and increased their popularity are as follows.

114. Coleman & Hilton

115. Airbnb & Lego

116. Kimpton Hotel Vintage & Pac Westy

117. Airbnb & Tesla

118. United & Star Wars

Fun Toys Brand Collaboration

There are toy brands as well which have been collaborating. This concept of collaboration increases the brand consciousness and creates curiosity in consumers’ minds. We have listed out some of the brands with a brief of their collaborations.

119. LEGO and Strangers Things

lego x stranger things

Stranger things is a popular Netflix series. In 2019 LEGO group and Netflix decided to collaborate. This gives the fans of both stranger things and lego a new experience.

Lego launched a new set called upside-down LEGO which includes sets of Byer’s house from the series. Fans can build the upside-down universe as shown in the show using LEGO bricks. This way fans not only enjoy building the house but get lost in the mysterious world of upside down. This is the first collaboration made on a streaming platform.

120. IKEA and LEGO

ikea x lego

Which was your favorite childhood game? Have you ever played a LEGO game? LEGO is one of the most renowned toy companies. In October 2020 LEGO and IKEA teamed up and created a range of storage solutions for adults and kids. They also launched a lego brick unique to IKEA. 

They mainly launched 4 products only whose costs ranged from $ 10 to $15. The demand for this collaboration was so high. The customer faced difficulty in buying the sets both online and offline. This helped both IKEA and LEGO in their marketing and business success.

You must be clear by now about the collaboration and different examples of collaboration that happened to date. Now let’s see some of the possible reasons why this is exploding these days and what are its benefits to the brand and customers.

  • To raise awareness and be heard by more customers they have to do something out of the usual.
  • For the charity purpose to attach themself to people’s emotions.
  • To create something unique.
  • To go with the trend as per customer demand

121. Hot Wheels & Go Pro

hot wheels x gopro

One of the best brand collaborations is Go Pro & Hot Wheels. The brad can open a serious business and Hot Wheels fans can record all the action. The feature of live streaming attracts the kids and promotes the brand.

There might be so many reasons and strategies behind each collaboration. But the primary reason remains the same which is marketing and branding.


All the best brand collaborations are must-know. You can go through the insights and but the best collaborative item of all time from their limited collaboration collection. Don’t miss out on their latest, trendy, and creative products.


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