Ring Holders’ function/usage is quite similar to that of a popsocket. But it comes with a unique look and can be used in multiple ways. Our wholesale ring holders are one of the unique products that we sell worldwide. These ring holders are used to get a better grip on phones. Bigger phones can easily be operated single-handedly with the use of these ring holders. It also gives a tight grip on phones that saves them from being dropped every now and then. Our bulk ring holders are cheap, dependable, and affordable. 


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Advantages of Having Ring Holder

Here are some of the advantages of using a Ring Holder. 

  • It is easy to use your phone with one hand. 
  • For taking better selfies, send text, browse google, and many more things. 
  • Ring holders are best to safeguard the phone from falling down by making proper grip. 
  • Ring holders can be used as a kickstand when watching videos or movies. 
  • Phone ring holder adds style to the phone. 

Types of Ring Holder

There are two main types of ring holders. Here are they, 


Metallic ring holders are made from metal. Aluminum and steel are the most common type of metal that is used to make this ring holder. The stainless steel makes the ring holder sturdy and polished. 


Some of the ring holders are made from plastic and are light in weight. This type of ring holder does not interfere with the plastic. When you remove this ring holder you can easily charge your phone wirelessly. 

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Steps To Remove Ring Holder

  1. Prepare some strong toothpicks. 
  2. Now, insert the toothpicks in the gap between the phone and the ring holder. 
  3. Keep rocking and picking the toothpick until they find the proper gap between the phone and ring holder. 
  4. Now, the ring holder can be pulled easily. 
  5. Now, remove the 3M glue little by little. 

Get wholesale ring holders directly from the factory and at an affordable rate. 

1. Do phone rings stick to silicone?

Yes, it can be attached to a silicone cover.

2. How to keep the adhesive strong for long time?

Avoid wetting your phone and don’t pull the ring too hard.

3. Can you reuse phone rings?

You can reuse the adhesive that attaches the ring holder to the phone. You simply have to wet it before reusing it.

4. Do phone rings interfere with wireless charging?

As the phone ring holder can’t lay the phone flat, it can create trouble. So, make sure to remove it and then use the wireless charging.