71 Christmas Koozie Ideas and Sayings For Your Friends and Family

Christmas Koozie Ideas

Nothing says Christmas more than a hot chocolate party with a night full of snow. To make your holiday vibes more special we are here with great Christmas koozie ideas. Koozies are can coolers which will make the party booze chill for as long as you want. Now no more wetting your hands and drinking warm beers.

Customize and personalize your Christmas koozies with cute and funny sayings on them. You can even choose a bulk of koozies to gift to the party throwers. They prove great party favors in the corporate world as well. Check out the amazing Christmas koozie ideas along with sayings.

Interesting Christmas Koozie Ideas

Christmas is that wonderful month in the year when everyone gets together. To make the get-together more cheerful here we are with Christmas koozie ideas. Get Christmas koozie in bulk for the amazing night of the party. Koozies are also one the great gift idea.

Check the following koozie ideas for Christmas according to different categories. You can also get custom Christmas koozies or buy the ones with different graphics and sayings.

Christmas Koozies sayings
  • icons8-christmas-91 Christmas Cheer Message

A holiday cheer message on Christmas can koozies which you can’t miss out. Get your own personalized funny message or a quote on the koozies. Make your evening worth remembering by gifting it to your colleagues or friends. Christmas koozies prove to be the best party favors for all with a happy cheer message personalized on them.

  • icons8-santa-48 DIY Christmas Koozie Ideas

Buy a blank koozie and get creative by doing it yourself. DIY the koozie with different ideas that you have. It could turn out to be the most amazing activity for a party with all age groups. Choose the koozies in your desired color and get them in bulk. You can choose to customize the Christmas koozies sayings on any color that you order.

Christmas Koozies clipart

Christmas Koozie Sayings

Here we are with all kinds of Christmas koozie sayings that you can use. Make your party a little more interesting and less tiring. The list will help out pick the best sayings which will make the Christmas holiday party more fun.

Popular Christmas Koozie Sayings

  1. It’s the most wonderful time for a Beer
  2. I believe I’ll have another beer
  3. Baby! It’s cold outside
  4. Joy to the world
  5. Naughty is the new nice
  6. Let’s Get Christmassy Sassy
  7. It’s beginning to look a lot like Cocktails
  8. Making spirits fright
  9. Let’s get lit
  10. Merry Drunk I’m Christmas
  11. Dear Santa, I blame the booze
  12. Jingle Juice
  13. Jingle Bell to the booze gale
  14. It’s the most wine-derful time of the year
  15. Eat-Drink-Be Merry- Repeat
  16. Jesus is the reason for the season
  17. Gettin Blitzened
  18. Merry Christmas ya Filthy Animal
  19. Keep calm & Merry on!
  20. The tree isn’t the only thing getting lit this year
  21. Keep Sleigh-ing
  22. The Nice List can’t handle me
Santa Koozie Sayings

  1. Ho! Ho! Ho!
  2. Dabbing through the snow
  3. Santa on the ride
  4. Sock up!
  5. Chillin’ with my GNOMIES
  6. I am Fan-Santa-stic
  7. Santa says, Chill
  8. Christmas is a Claus for celebration
  9. Santa! OMG! I know him
  10. He sees you when you’re drinking
  11. It’s Santa time of the year
  12. Bottom’s Up
  13. There are some Ho Ho Ho’s in the House
  14. Sleight All Days
  15. Making spirits bright
  16. Ho! Ho! Ho! Holidays
  17. Fa La La Ilama
  18. You cute little snowflake
  19. Santa Ho Ho Hopes you have a great year
  20. Dashing, Dancing, and Prancing until I get blitzed
  21. Keep Calm  Wait for Santa
  22. Dashin’ through Merlot!
Holiday Wishes on Koozie

  1. Tis the season to be Jolly!
  2. Happy Alcholidays
  3. Merry Everything
  4. Merry Christmas y’ll
  5. May your Holiday sparkle with joy
  6. Yule always be my favorite
  7. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  8. Hope you have tiding of the joy
  9. Happiest Holidays
  10. Merry wishes, have a wonderful blessings
  11. It’s a relaxing holiday season
  12. Have good times & better wines
Grinch Koozie Saying Ideas

  1. Let’s get elfed up!
  2. Smile like a grinch
  3. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
  4. Son of a nutcracker
  5. Stink, Stank, Stunk
  6. Resting Grinch Face
  7. Drink Up Grinches
  8. Merry whatever… let it snow elsewhere
  9. Be naughty. Save Santa a trip
  10. Grinch Please
  11. Christmas is  for fruitcakes
  12. Merry Grinchmas
  13. Bah Humbug
  14. I’m Grichaholic
  15. But first, Let me take an elfie
  16. The grinch is my Patronus

These were the Christmas koozie ideas and sayings that can make a memorable Christmas party. Pick the one that suits your theme and get it custom made from us at shopsavvy with zero setup cost.


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