15 Christmas Party Favor Ideas For A Magical Night

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Christmas is a time when everyone comes together and celebrates in their own unique way. The festive spirit runs high and people enjoy each other’s company. People generally cook, drink and enjoy themselves with their friends and family. The host of the party gets all the responsibility to arrange the food, drinks, decorations, and more for the party. Now if you are hosting a party this Christmas for your friends and family, we have something to help you with and make a wonderful impression as a host. Get great the best Christmas party favor ideas and arrange a perfect Christmas party.

Why Go For Our Christmas Party Favor Ideas List?

We have a special curated custom Christmas party favor idea list that will help every kind of party host to make their party an impressive one. Let your guest enjoy the Christmas party favor and then surprise them by actually gifting them this Christmas. Our choices include a wide range of special products that are unique and can also be customized to make your guests feel special. Our party favors can be for your friends, family, office colleagues, and more.

15 Best Christmas Party Favor Ideas

Check out our list for the best Christmas party favor ideas. These ideas are a great option for any Christmas theme party. As a host, you would want to make an impression and these party favors are wonderful functionally and for decorative purposes as well. Not only that, if you are having any event of your own during Christmas time, this list could be very helpful for you.

1. Christmas Koozies

Custom Christmas koozies are trending and they make holding your chilled beverage very easy. They are also known as can coolers and you can make them a Christmas party favor for your guest. Customize them with some Christmas sayings and offer them to your guests along with can beverages. Our Christmas koozies collections are our bestsellers, check them out for an affordable option.

Christmas koozie party favor

2. Custom Christmas Hoodies

This is a great Christmas party favor idea for your guests. They can be customized specially for them with their name or some Christmas theme artwork to make them feel special. You can check out our Christmas hoodies for amazing customization options and satisfaction. These warm and comfortable hoodies can soon be their go-to for their holiday season.

Christmas Hoodies

3. Christmas Tote Bags

Who wouldn’t need a big comfortable bag to make their shopping easier? Custom tote bags make a great Christmas party favor idea for everyone. They are spacious and very helpful to shop during Christmas, you also do not have to worry about carrying multiple bags. Check out our latest collection and get your guests an amazing party favor.

Christmas Tote Bags Party Favor

4. Custom Balloons

Decorate your party and give it a Christmasy look with custom Christmas balloons. You can get great designs that will make your party the perfect vibe. They can later be given to your guest as a party favor too. These balloons can be customized with your guest’s faces or something meaningful for everyone. You can create unique decorations from these balloons, check out our collection to make your choice easier.

Christmas Balloons Party Favor

5. Custom Coasters

The functionality of coasters is underrated. You can get amazing custom Christmas coasters for your party which will serve the purpose of protecting your furniture from the condensation of chilled cans. Also, these Christmas coasters will then make a great party favor for your guest. We have a wide range of quality coasters for you.

Christmas Coasters Party Favor

6. Christmas Coffee Sleeves

We all know the comfort of hot beverages during Christmas. So why not give that comfort to your guests along with custom Christmas coffee sleeves customized for Christmas? A custom sleeve is perfect to hold hot beverages while making your cup give the holiday vibes. Get to know more about the product here.

Christmas sleeve party favor

7. Christmas Paper Cups

Christmas is a season for hot beverages and being cozy with your loved ones. To provide the comfort of grabbing a hot beverage, you can make custom Christmas paper cups your party favor. These paper cups are cheap and can also be used to decorate your table which then can be used by your guest. We have some amazing pre-designed cups for you, check them out.

Gingerbread Christmas Paper Cups

8. Custom Paper Bags

You can use custom paper bags as a party favor as well. If you are thinking to make a gifting combo for your guest, you can use fill them up in these paper bags which will also make them easy to carry and give your gift a great look.

Christmas Paper Bag Party Favor

9. Custom Bottle Opener

If you are looking to celebrate with wine or champagne, a custom bottle opener for Christmas party favor would be a great idea. They are useful and you can give them as a favor to your friends and family, it will be special because of the Christmas customization or you can get your guest’s name customized as well. You will find a wide range of bottle openers with us.

Christmas bottle opener

10. Custom Keychains

Keychains are a simple yet useful gift for anyone. Although if you are especially looking for keychains as a Christmas party favor idea, then they must be unique. Hence get a custom keychain for your guests which will feel personalized and more valuable to them. Here is our collection.

Christmas Keychains

11. Christmas Theme Napkins

Any party host must want to make his/her party a memorable one. Custom Christmas napkins are something that will add up to your decorations and give them an elegant look. Custom napkins will add more personalization to your guest.

Christmas napkins

12. Custom Tumblers

A tumbler is a great party favor for a Christmas party, you can offer your special drinks in these tumblers which can then be taken home by your guest. These tumblers will make a great impression when customized with a Christmas theme to give them the perfect vibe.

Christmas tumbler party favor

13. Custom Curated Food Combo

Everyone would love a unique set of food as their Christmas party favor. Curated especially for your guest, you can give them food based on a Christmas theme. Make your impression with something this unique.

Christmas basket party favor

14. Christmas Treat Mason Jars

Mason jars make a great Christmas party favor, you can use these mason jars to fill them with small presents or with chocolates. They can be very useful to your guest event after the party. Hence they make a great party favor.

Mason jars

15. Mini Christmas Globe

A mini Christmas globe makes a great decoration item for any party and then for your guests as a party favor. These can be customized with your guest’s name as well. These glass globes will wonderful at home.

christmas globe

How To Choose The Best Christmas Party Favor?

As we discussed the wide range of Christmas party favor ideas, it is also important to understand how should you make a decision about it. Choosing what Christmas party favor would your guest love and will also complement your party to make an impression. Here are a few things you should consider before making your decision.

  • Choose your budget for the party favors.
  • Choose a vendor with wide choices.
  • Look for the quality and the price.
  • See whether the favors can be customized or not.
  • Check out the customization options

These factors would help you to make the right decision and finally enjoy your Christmas party with your friends and family.


This was all about the interesting and exciting Christmas party favor ideas you can get for your party or any event during Christmas with your friends and family. These party favors can be used during the event and then your guests can take them home as a moment to remember the event by. They are also functional and having it customized could make a real impression on your guests.


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