Corporate Event Planning Guide as a Successful Marketing Strategy

Corporate Event Planning

In the event of launching a new product, discussing the new strategies, or rewarding employees, for all such reasons, you need corporate event planning. It is a delicate task because it puts builds the impression of the company in front of its employees. It is more than planning a party. We will guide you on how you can plan a corporate event while keeping the important aspects in mind.

Why Corporate Event Planning is Important?

Corporate event planning helps to maintain a lasting relationship with clients and employees. Your professionalism and proper handling of the flow of the event make a big impression. It shows the intangibles of a brand. Your effort will show how much you value your clients or employees.

Corporate events are organized for corporate hospitality, rewarding the employees, clients entertainment, and conventions. They are also helpful in discussing the employee’s motivational events, parties, team building, charity, and receptions.  Even small events requires planning.

Plan A Corporate Event For Everyone 

It is no simple task to plan and pitch a successful corporate event. You need to plan thoroughly and then execute the idea. The foremost thing is to know who is the focus of the event.

Planning Corporate Event

1. Company Event Planning

You certainly can start your corporate event planning by managing and knowing which occasion are you going to concentrate on. It could be either company’s 25th anniversary or can be a celebration of launching a new product. Company event planning must be specific and most importantly formal yet fun.

2. Employees

Certainly, it is crucial to maintain your relationship with employees as they are the key factor in running a successful business. Hence, you can plan a corporate event for employees either in case of retirement or promotion. As a company, you can also plan several team-building activities for work to satisfy the employees.

3. Clients

It is necessary to keep the clients entertain and satisfy their needs. You can be a corporate event planner for the clients of the company. When you do a company event planning you must include the clients in the guest list. It will increase your status quo and maintain a crucial relationship. 

Purpose of Planning Corporate Event

Corporate event planning is nothing more than planning a meeting. It takes effort and planning which is a month-long process to concentrate on. The purpose of why to plan a corporate event is the following.

  • To advertise the new product which the company is launching
  • Maintain status by keeping the clients entertained
  • Manage the relationship with employees by rewarding them
  • Could be an internal training camp or seminar
  • Serve the clients with the best & client hospitality

Corporate Event Planning Ideas by Size 

Once you know the purpose of planning corporate event planning you start with the process. It is a time taking process. But, we have narrowed it down for you to plan a successful event. 

Know which type of company you are planning an event for and what is the size of the organization. Following are the corporate event planning ideas by size.

1. Micro

Micro corporate event planning is small and the size of the company is also small. You can plan a small event in various ways. Firstly, decide the theme of the event based on the occasion. It could be a training session or a client meeting to launch a product. 

Secondly, you can start gathering the venue ideas and lastly, try to invite all the important members of the company. As it is a micro event the guest list will be limited. Corporate planning event ideas for a micro-size corporate event could be:

  • A problem-solving seminar
  • A fun team-building game for brand new products
  • You can host a typewriter to hire new employees
  • A professional selfie booth in meetings to make it interesting


2. Small

While you are a corporate event planner you must be able to plan a corporate event for a small-sized company. It can be employees related and might be a possibility that you can plan it in the office itself. 

The small-size corporate event might be a promotion party or a retirement party. There are other corporate event planning ideas for a small-sized company. 

  • Plan a photo booth with photo props 
  • Decorate a wall with all in-office pictures 
  • Plan a brunch party or dinner night
  • Let them all customize a party favor for each other

Brunch Party

3. Mid-Size

While you know all the corporate event planning ideas for micro and small companies, now we can move further with the mid-size events. You can throw an event for a mid-size company in a hall or garden. 

There could be a big list where you can also invite the company’s clients. A guest list is a crucial thing that you have to take most care of. The ideas for planning corporate events are as follows

  • Plan activity and pair it with a party favor
  • Organize a wine pairing dinner night
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Plan a charity event and launch a new product

Charity Event

4. Large-Scale

A large-scale corporate event is for all the company members, clients, and partners. When a company wants to grab an opportunity of advertising itself, it must throw a grand event. A large event is not a simple task and you need proper planning. Know the purpose of the event & plan accordingly.

Plan a grand event by using the different ideas that we have listed out to make corporate event planning easy. 

  • You can plan a grand carnival night where they can pick their prize & enjoy
  • A dancing booth to go viral on Tik-Tok
  • Organize a virtual travel experience corner to show off your product
  • Big banners to showcase the new product in an interactive ted-talk

Big Corporate Event

Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Planning a corporate event is likely a tough job. You have to be a smart corporate event planner to fulfill the needs and wants of the attendees. To go through and check out all the possibilities, we recommend making a corporate event planning checklist. Something like this:

  • You have to determine the primary objective of the corporate event
  • Set the tone and voice of the event based on the invitees
  • Mention the strategy behind the event & how it will benefit the company
  • Make a comprehensive list of the overall budget
  • Distribute the responsibilities of the work evenly to plan a smooth corporate event
  • Secure the marketing plan & reserve all accommodations as well as transport facilities if any
  • Ensure you have printed event collateral which is an essential part of corporate event planning
  • Take follow-up, and feedback, and be in touch. Also, note the final costings for future references

Plan A Successful Corporate Event

We have gathered some of the pretty amazing ideas which you have checked out above. Once you know the idea, keep the following points in mind before a corporate event planning. All the points are important to look after as a corporate event planner.

1. The Objective of the Event

The foremost thing you have to do is set the objective of your corporate event. Know what is the purpose of the event. It could be either to promote a new launch or to celebrate an employee. The objective is to keep the attendees entertain. Make sure to focus o what will the invitees need and want. Plan accordingly.

2. Setting Up a Budget

Plan any theme based on your budget. It allows you to see clearly what is possible within your budget and how to effectively use your budget to get the best out of it.

Make sure you count every possibility that the corporate event will incur. Do not overspend and walk according to your budget planning. Try to negotiate prices wherever it is possible. Also, the pricing might be different from what you have thought about it so put some of your expenses for backup spending.

3. A Guest List

A guest list is one of the most crucial parts of corporate event planning. You have to know the company size and the purpose of the event to make a guest list. For a micro or small event, the guest list will be limited.

Make creative cards or invites and mail them. You can use the purpose of the event to depict its idea on the card. Get it print and mail them or you can go and hand it out in person. Also, ensure your invitations are sent out before a week or two.

4. Event Location

One of the most crucial parts of corporate event planning is deciding on the venue. Decide the venue based on your location and the one which is appreciated by the audience. Also, ensure the location is not too casual for the event or profession either.

You must book the venue beforehand to avoid later complications. Choose wisely to make the event memorable. Avoid planning corporate events on irregular days and holidays. Pick an appropriate date

5. Promote & Advertise

Get a word out and promote your event. If people won’t know about the corporate event then no one will show up. To create a hit event it is important to entice the curiousness in your attendee’s mind.

No matter how big or small your event is, it is necessary to promote and advertise it organically. If you are planning a grand corporate event then you have to spend money & some time to advertise it on a large scale.

6. Plan the Arrangements

Once you are done promoting and planning a budget, you need to start making all the arrangements. Speed up the process by making a list and contributing the work. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment for the type of event you are planning. Try and make all the corporate event planning arrangements interesting.

7. Track the Updates

Once you have started planning and arranging things, you have to make regular updates. There might be a possibility that some of the other things might need a replacement. You have to keep an eye while corporate event planning so that everything is taken care of.

8. Collect & Communicate Ideas

You can communicate with the employees or the attendees to discuss and collect new ideas. You never know while communicating with others, you might get a great new idea. It will also sharpen your communication skills and how you can improve the company or the products.

9. Participation Awareness

When you are doing corporate event planning, the main goal of it is to encourage the employees to participate and have fun. They can relax and enjoy the event. You certainly have to make an effort to encourage the people so that they participate and the corporate event turns out to be a successful plan.

10. Take Follow-Up After Event

Once you have planned a successful corporate event, make sure you be in touch with the employees. Take notes and follow up with a review about what they enjoyed a lot and which was the boring part of your corporate event planning. You will get a chance to connect to others as well.

Effective Benefits of Corporate Event Planning

Planning a corporate event is a worthy investment. It certainly has various benefits from improving the company’s reputation to effectively advertising the new products. The benefits of effective corporate event planning are listed in the following:

  • Boosts the morale of the company along with the employees and clients
  • Improves relationships and communication
  • Appreciates the creativity & creates additional revenue
  • The culture of the company is improved & also improves the team cohesion
  • Conversion of customers as well as retention

Virtual Corporate Event Planning

You do not have to plan a corporate event in person to enjoy it. Certainly, you have to plan for which purpose you want to organize a corporate event. You can either plan a team gaming event virtually or also have an option of virtual team-building activities.

Virtual event planning

Plan whether the corporate event planning virtually is about a formal occasion or is an informal event. Along with this, there are several other points that you need to look after

  • Make sure the networking opportunity supports the technology
  • Decide if you are planning it for a collaborative environment
  • Cross-check whether the content you are planning for a virtual corporate event is engaging or not
  • Plan an interesting content so that the employees of the company and other attendees participate


You have to plan an interesting corporate event and encourage everyone to participate and attend it. Corporate event planning is a crucial part and as a corporate event planner, you have to keep an eye on everything to achieve the goal of a successful company event planning.


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