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We are a factory direct supplier online for custom koozies & can coolers with the best price guarantee. We focus on providing the best product made from high-quality raw materials. Everyone at Shopsavvy focuses on providing 100% customer satisfaction through timely services to all our customers and helping them throughout the process. At ShopSavvy, you can customize your printed koozies using any image of your choice. We ensure every customer is satisfied with customization therefore, we provide mock-ups of the order before processing it.



Avail free setup on every custom product purchase at shopsavvy.


Enjoy the best wholesale price guarantee throughout all our categories.


With our factory direct supply, you get superior quality products at no time.


How To Place An Order With Us?

Custom koozies are a unique product, helpful in keeping your beverages cool for a longer period. We are determined to help every customer through their customization process. To help you with the customization process, we have mentioned the proper steps below to create your own custom koozies in bulk.

  1. Choose the product from our wide range of custom koozies.
  2. Select the quantity of your order.
  3. Click on “Upload your design”.
  4. You can either add a custom image (800×800) or text.
  5. Once you are sure of your choice, you can preview it and then submit it.
  6. We will review the order and the design.
  7. Finally, we will create a mock-up and send it to you for your approval.

This way you can place your order with us. We ensure that the customization process is processed smoothly. We double-check the customization request and create a mock-up for our customers and show them through e-mail. Once finalized by our customer, we proceed with the order.

Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many colour options do you have for custom can koozies?

We provide multiple colour options. We will also match colours according to your customization requirement.

2. How many days does it take for personalized koozies to produce?

Custom koozies take an additional shipping time of 2-5 days.

3. What kind of promotional koozies do you sell in bulk?

At ShopSavvy, you will find various types of custom koozies. You can find custom can coolers, blank can coolers, custom slim can koozies, zip-up bottle cooler, etc.

4. How else can I use printed koozies?

Can coolers can be used for more than one purpose. You need to be a little creative with its use. The primary use is to keep your beverage cool but apart from that, you can use it to keep your fruits from bruising, you can use it as a storage holder or even as a furniture moving pad.

5. How does order quantity discount work?

Our order discounts are directly related to the quantity ordered. The higher the quantity, the more discount you will be offered. You can not merge the quantity of 2 different orders to get an added discount.


What Benefits Do Custom Koozies Provide?

Having custom koozies can be beneficial to you in many ways. You can use them as promotional koozies for your brand. It is also used by many businesses to help others remember their brand. Here are the benefits:

  • A token for all guests in a company event.
  • A gift to company visitors or potential investors.
  • A token to your employees at the time of joining
  • Custom can coolers can be shared on the company’s social media

All these are ways you can promote your brand. The product makes an impact when it is of high quality and durable. Thus, at ShopSavvy, we are 100% determined to create products with the best raw materials to ultimately create high-quality products like foam custom can koozies & custom neoprene koozies.

Custom Can Coolers For Any Occasion

How about getting yourself a custom koozie that matches any event? It can be for a theme wedding, a birthday party, a bachelor party, a corporate event or simply as a token of gift?

Shopsavvy’s can coolers will help you to find your perfect koozie for any occasion at the best wholesale price. Check out our wide range of koozies:


Blank Koozies | For Your Perfect DIY Project
Wedding koozies | Economical and For Every Theme
Baby shower koozies | Perfect For A Boy or A Girl
Birthday koozies | Fun For Every Age
Graduation koozies | Sleek and Tall
Bachelorette Koozies | Premium and Trendy
Christmas Koozie | For Perfect Surprise
Retirement Koozies | Cheers to the Great Memories
Halloween Koozies | Creative Trick or Treating