Do Koozies Work? Look At Its Uses and How to Make Your Own Koozie

One of the very trending products in the market is a koozie. A koozie is simply an insulator that can cover your cans or bottles and keep your beverage cold. Now if you are thinking of getting yourself a koozie, then you must be asking yourself questions. Do Koozies work? How does it work? Is it really worth buying? Let us help you out find an answer to all these questions and also better understand what is it that makes a koozie so trending. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea about your decision.

How Does a Koozie Work?

All koozies work on the same theory. A koozie is made up of different materials that work as an insulator. This insulator allows the koozie to decrease the rate at which the beverage comes to room temperature. So you simply have to wrap the koozie around your can or bottle. You can then enjoy your cold beer for a longer time. So to answer the most common question do koozies work and do koozies keep drinks cold? Yes, they do!

How Koozie is Useful?

No matter how normal it looks, a koozie can be of great help. First of all, you can customize your koozies to make them look cool. You can either add a text or an artwork of your choice as well. Along with this, as we said it can make your can or bottle look great and it is much more than that, let us take a look at that:

1. Keeps your drink cold & hands dry

Dry Hands

Koozies act as an insulator that keeps your drinks cold for a longer time. Having a koozie can be so important because when you hand your can with your bare hands your body temperature transfers to the can which makes your cold drink warm. The koozie prevents that keeps your drink cold. Another way to look at it is that it keeps your hands dry at all times. So no cold hands also prevent stiffness in your joints.

2. Keeps condensation off your drink

Condensation on cans

When you take a cold can out of the fridge, after a while it will start forming condensation on the call in the form of droplets. This will indeed make your drink warm. A koozie is also useful to slow down the condensation process and keep your drink cold for a longer time than usual.

3. No water rings on tables

Prevent water rings on the table

When there is condensation on your cans or bottle, it tends to drip on the table as well. This can make water marks on the table even after you have pulled it up. It can prove to be a lot more expensive mistake if the table is costly. You should also avoid tables made from wood. Therefore a koozie can be more useful than you think.

Also remember: The best koozies can be determined from the material it is made up of, so choose wisely.

What Koozies Are Made of?

The most popular choices when it comes to koozies are foam and neoprene koozies. These are made up of polyurethane and synthetic rubber respectively. They both are great can coolers but your choice could be based on durability and price. Therefore Neoprene is more durable than foam, although foam is cheaper than neoprene. Other materials that are also used to make koozies are:

Denim Koozie

Denim Koozie

Burlap Koozie

Koozies Burlap

Yarn Koozie


Polyester Koozie


Plastic Koozie

Plastic Koozies

Stainless Steel Koozie

Koozie Stainless Steel

Where To Buy A Koozie?

It is important that you get the best koozie. The koozie quality is very important and getting yourself a low-quality koozie as your first time purchase can make a very bad impression and ruin your experience. Therefore we would always recommend you to take a look at the quality, price, and material before you get a koozie. Check out Shopsavvy direct factory suppliers online for custom koozies, best beer koozies, etc. You will find koozies of different materials, for different occasions, and you can also customize your own koozie.

How To Make Your Own Koozie?

If you are concentrated enough and ready to make yourself a koozie then you can do so from your home. There is more than one way to make your koozie. This is no rocket science. Although you will need some particular materials to make the koozie. Let us start with the requirement.

Required Material:

  • Thin foam sheet
  • Decorative fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Thread
  • Plain white craft glue
  • Velcro strips
  • 12 oz. can

Steps To Make A Koozie:

Let’s make a koozie at home with these simple steps:

Step One: Measure the fabric and the foam sheet and cut it. Take a 12 oz can and measure how much fabric you will be needing and cut accordingly.

Step Two: Take your decorative fabric and stitch or glue it to your foam sheet. Make sure the fabric should be visible on the outside rather than the inside.

Step Three: Attach the velcro on either side of the cloth. Either use the glue or stitch the velcro strips.

Step Four: Take your 12oz can and wrap the koozie around it and attach the velcro. Done, that’s your own homemade koozie.

Go Get Yourself A Koozie Now

Isn’t that enough to get yourself a koozie? Such a wonderful accessory and you do not have to even worry about carrying it everywhere with you because it is so lightweight and collapsible that just fits right into your pocket. Make a one you like or simply shop at Shopsavvy for your favourite koozie.


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