71 Famous Brand Taglines or Slogans That Are Catchy and Memorable

Famous Brand Taglines

A tagline or a slogan can make a big impact. It is all about choosing the right tagline or slogan for your brand. It is important that it depicts your mission, your vision, and your commitments. 

All famous brand taglines did not become famous because they rhymed well. It became famous because it made an impact on its target audience. It made a place in the audience’s mind.

How is Tagline Different From a Slogan?

Although the purpose of a brand with a Tagline & Slogan is the same, it has separate meanings. The difference is minor but you must know the thin line which matters in the use of those words.

  • A Tagline is a quip that draws a catchy image of your brand in the consumer’s mind. When you see a tagline the first thing that comes into your mind is the brand name. 
  • A Slogan depicts the mission of a company that helps the brand set apart itself. It is mostly used in the brand’s campaigns. Slogans are originally longer than the taglines.

10 Best Brand Slogans of All Time

There are various taglines of famous brands which is hard to replicate and are timeless. Here are some of the best slogans of all time. Some of these slogans were launched at a time when the brand really needed them and some simply helped the brand reach new level. Let us start with

10. Wheaties – “The Breakfast of Champions”

Launched in 1933, a classic famous brand slogan “The Breakfast of Champions.” Wheaties changed the perceptions of their audience and motivated them to buy their product. The perception was to make everyone believe that champions eat cereals and we are the breakfast of champions. This campaign was a huge hit and will forever remain a classic.

9. Gillette – “The Best Men Can Be”

A recently revamped slogan, Gillette came up with this campaign in 2019 when they launched “The Best Men Can Be.” This was to address the negative behavior of men like bullying, sexual misconduct, etc. They basically motivate every man to be better and be the best they can be. This campaign took over their previous one “The Best A Man Can Get.”

8. Redbull – “Gives You Wiiings”

One of the best brands with a tagline is Redbull. It is an energy drink that promises to increase concentration level, performance, speed, and vigilance. To show their commitments, they also partnered with F1 racing cars and advertised its existence on a large platform. This allowed the brand to send the message globally.

7. Dunkin Donuts – “America Runs On Dunkin”

A turnaround for the brand. In 2006, Dunkin’ Donuts was bought out by three private equity firms. Also, the start of the campaign “America Runs on Dunkin’.” This slogan was created with an idea to depict how American people work hard daily to keep the American culture high.

6. L’Oreal – “Because We’re Worth It”

A very famous brand tagline originated in 1971. Loreal started their marketing campaign “Because I’m worth it” to motivate their audience to spend more. Since then they did change their slogan but the meaning and intent stayed the same. 

They later changed the slogan to “Because You’re Worth it” The brand also stands strong when it comes to empowering women and thus they recently changed their slogan again to “Because We’re Worth it.”

5. Apple – “Think Different”

The “Think Different” campaign basically rejuvenated the company. Launching in 1997, when the company was struggling, this campaign build the company back. It was a very motivating and catchy slogan.

Apple put this slogan with images of the greats like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, etc. This really made an impact. Although Steve Jobs had a doubt but soon proved to be wrong as their audience loved it.

4. McDonald’s – “I’m Lovin It”

Launched in 2002, “I’m Lovin It” is the longest-running campaign for Mc Donalds. The jingle along with the slogan simply made it memorable for all their audience to date. After a year of its launch, Mcd also trademarked its slogan. 

They did try to change the slogan once in 2016 but it was a disaster. Later in the same year, they trademarked “The Simpler The Better” but there are no commercials on it. They are still using their 2002 slogan “I’m Lovin It.”

3. KFC – “Finger Lickin’ Good”

The founder of KFC, Harland Sanders also came up with the slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good.” Since the 1950s this slogan has made its mark around the US and then around the globe. Although the recent Covid outbreak made the brand rethink and thus, KFC stopped its marketing with the slogan and also obscured the slogan from its packaging. They have only recently started to bring back the slogan in 2022 as things are settling down.

2. Coca-Cola – “Real Magic”

Coco-Cola is one of the big guns in the beverage industry. One notable contribution to this was their slogans and the marketing strategies that go hand in hand. Their catchy slogan “Real Magic” depicts what a consumer will feel like after having it.

They are known for changing their slogans very frequently compared to others. In 2009, they changed their slogan “Open happiness” and later changed it again in 2016 to “Taste the feeling” and then in 2021 they change it to “Real Magic.”

1. Nike – “Just Do It”

Nike has used a very simple phrase but its marketing has completely changed its perception. A simple phrase that depicts their commitment and also evokes the audience to “Just do it.” It was created in 1987 and since then it has really caught on across the globe.

Famous Brand Taglines By Industries

There are various categories of famous taglines of companies which you might want to know about. Following is the list of famous taglines of brands based on different categories.

Food & Beverages Taglines of Famous Brands

We have listed out the famous brand with taglines based on food & beverages. Following are the few which has a great advertising impact on the audience.

1. Skittles – “Taste The Rainbow”: The famous brand taglines share a message that Skittles is following very well. Skittles started a campaign – “Give the Rainbow” in the pride month as well as introduced grey & white skittles. That shares the message that only one rainbow matters during pride month.

2. Wendy’s – “Deliciously Different”: The changing taglines of companies like Wendy’s have the main moto of attracting the consumers to taste their food. Wendy’s has selected a small two-word tagline that shares how delicious their beef is.

3. Taco Bell – “Live Mas”: Taco Bell is one of the most demanding and modest food stops. To catch the attention of its target audience it has used a catchy brand slogan ‘Live Mas’.

4. Bounty – “The Quicker Picker Upper”: Bounty is an American paper towel brand. To advertise its product the slogan is most suitable about how quickly you can pick the paper tower and use it.

5. Subway – “Eat Fresh”: Subway serves their bread freshly made with fresh veggies and different sauces. It is not creative yet effective to catch audiences’ attention.

Clothing Famous Brand Taglines

This category consists of different famous brand taglines and how they have come up with them. Following is the list of famous taglines of brands:

6. Levi’s – “Live in Levi’s”

‘Live in Levi’s’ became the brand’s advertising tagline because it captures the essence of the company. The catchy tagline of a brand tagline is small and memorable.

7. Zara – “Love Your Curves”

Zara serves fad fashion on large scale and to all body types. To depict its positive message and clothing sizes, the tagline suits the company best.

8. Adidas – “The Impossible Is Nothing”

One of the most famous brand slogans is Adidas. “The impossible is Nothing” is one of the mantras for all the athletes that Adidas supports.

9. Puma – “Forever Faster”

The current tagline of Puma states that the clothes will help them run free and breathe free. Thus, the “Forever Faster” phrase depicts the free nature of clothes.

Cars Taglines of Famous Brands

The third category is car’s brand with tagline. You will find the most interesting brand name with taglines in this category. Following is the list of cars with their famous brand taglines.

10. BMW – “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

The tagline shares the consistency of the machine that the company provides. The powerful mechanism and ultimate choice of every consumer.

11. Chevrolet – “Find New Roads”

The tagline of Chevrolet shares a message that you will enjoy driving on long routes. The powerful mechanism and smooth tires will be worth a trip.

12. Chrysler – “Clean Technology For a New Generation of families”

Chrysler proves to the audience to offer the best and most authentic car to all the generations of different families. It provides a sense of trust.

13. Ford – “Go Further”

Ford tells all its consumers about how they are only sharing the message of what they offer. They are not focusing on the features of the car but are stating the benefit of how long the car will stay.

Other Popular Brand Taglines That Made A Difference

Brands’ prior intention to set up a catchy tagline is to leave a memorable impression on viewers. The famous brand taglines speak the value and personality of their products’ quality.

We have listed additional brands with their memorable taglines. Following are the famous company taglines you must know. Who knows you might get a new phrase idea for your business.

14. United Airlines – “Fly the Friendly Skies”

15. Airbnb – “Belong Anywhere”

16. Walmart – “Save Money, Live Better”

17. Maybelline – “Maybe She’s Born With it. Maybe it’s Maybelline”

18. Disneyland – “The Happiest Place On Earth”

19. 3M – Innovation

Canon Logo

20. 7 Up – The Uncola

21. Allianz – We Cover Courage

22. American Express – Don’t leave home without it

23. Budweiser – This Buds For You

24. Canon – Delighting You Always

25. Cisco – The Bridge To Possible

26. De Beers – A diamond is forever

27. Diesel Jeans – Be Stupid

28. Discovery – Explore the World

29. Dollar Shave Club – Shave Time. Shave Money

30. eBay – Buy it. Sell it. Love it.

31. Google – With a Little Help

32. Harley Davidson – Screw it, Let’s Ride

33. Heineken – Open Your World

HP Logo

34. Henessy – Never Stop. Never Settle. Since 1765

35. Holiday Inn – Pleasing People Over The World

36. HP – Keep Reinventing

37. IBM – Let’s Put Smart to Work

38. Intel – Experience What’s Inside

39. Kia – Give It Everything

40. KitKat – Have a break. Have a KitKat.

41. Kodak – Share Moments Share Life

42. Land Rover – Above & Beyond

43. Lay’s – Betcha can’t eat just one

Mercedes Benz

44. LinkedIn – We’re In It Together

45. M&M – Melt in Your Mouth. Not in Your Hands

46. Mercedes-Benz – The Best or Nothing

47. Microsoft – Empowering Us All

48. Olympus – Your Vision of our future

49. Panasonic – A Better Life, a Better World

50. Philips – Innovation in You

51. Porsche – There is no Substitute

52. Reebok – I am what I am

53. Samsung – Imagine

54. Sony – Make Believe

55. State Farm – Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There

56. Uber – Doors Are Always OpeningVisa

57. US Portal Services – We Deliver

58. Verizon – Can you hear me now?

59. Visa – It’s Everywhere You Want to be

60. Volkswagen – Drive Bigger

61. Yahoo! – Do you…Yahoo!

How to Come Up with Catchy Brand Slogans?

You can write catchy brand slogans with inspiration from all the famous brand taglines. Do not confuse the similarities between a slogan and a tagline while writing it for your business. You can write the tagline or slogan of your brand by keeping the following things in mind.

  • Brainstorm different words related to your company 
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Induce a response from your slogan
  • Highlight the benefit of your slogan
  • Make it creative and memorable

Characteristics of Taglines

A brand with a tagline sets apart your company from the ones which is already in demand as well as a competitor. Famous brand taglines have remained consistent and constant over the years. Any brand with a tagline must have the following characteristics.

1. Must Be Easy & Memorable

Every famous brand’s slogans are easy to remember. A consumer should be able to memorize your company or brand tagline. Catchy & famous taglines of brands work well in advertising and stay consistent.

2. Share a Clear Message

The most famous taglines of companies share a clear message of benefits & not the feature. It must depict what benefits they provide and not how it works. A brand with a tagline should include key benefits for an effective marketing strategy.

3. State the Difference

A brand with a tagline depicts why is it different from others. You must include a key point from which taglines of your brand are recognizable. The famous taglines of brands must include the reason that is what sets them apart.

4. Vision & Mission Of Company

Famous taglines of companies use upbeat words which generate a positive feeling. That is how you attract consumers to your brand. Maintain the status by choosing the best tagline for your brand. A tagline or a creative slogan must leave a positive impact on the consumers.

How Do Memorable Slogans Help?

To communicate the value of your company it is important to brainstorm the best company slogans. Taglines or slogans of the brand help you to sum up what exactly your brand is about.

Consumers can see your creativity and recognize you. All the famous brand taglines help the companies to set their identity apart. Hence, to set your identity apart and show creativity a brand with a tagline play a major role.

Different Words for Taglines

Taglines are memorable phrase that expresses the purpose of a brand. A brand with a tagline is recognized separately. There are different words for a creative tagline that people use.

  • Mantras
  • Jingles
  • Slogans
  • Mottos
  • Sayings
  • Catchphrases

To Sum Up

There is a way for your business to last an impression on the market through taglines. All the famous brand taglines are creatively written and a brand with a tagline runs efficiently.

Taglines or slogans are a way of attracting a large group to your brand and they should be concise and catchy. Hence, pick a tagline that best suits your company and the products.


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