Funny Koozies Sayings and Ideas For All Your Special Events

Best Funny Koozies Sayings

Promotional products today are on a high and are an eye-catcher. They simply let your imagination wander and makes you create something amazing and unique. Personalization is an art and you can make the best out of it for any event. Be it something casual with your friends or something a little formal with your family. To give you a perfect idea, you can check out some unique funny koozie sayings here and how to best use them.

How Can You Best Use Koozies At Different Events?

Keep your drinks cold for longer and celebrate uniquely. Koozies are basically can coolers which can be a part of many different events. You can use them as wedding party favors, birthday party favors, bachelor party favors, graduation party favors, and other such events. Check out our different funny and cute koozie sayings that you can personalize and surprise your friends and family.

Funny Drinking Koozie Sayings

Get the best custom koozies for your event and personalize them accordingly. If you are looking for something funny, we have some of the best funny koozie saying ideas to personalize your can coolers. These sayings will definitely catch eye.

  • It’s 6 o’clock somewhere
  • Wish you were beer
  • Hello weekend. Let’s drink.
  • Another year, another beer
  • Beer is brewtiful
  • B.E.E.R. Brew. Enjoy. Empty, Repeat.
  • Professional beer taster
  • 21 and legally drunk
  • Let’s eat, drink and BBQ
  • Save water. Drink beer
  • I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everyone’s cup of tea
  • Trust me, you can dance – Alcohol
  • When life gives you lemons, add VODKA
  • Step aside Coffee, this is a job for Alcohol
  • Technically, Chemistry says Alcohol is a solution
  • Time is never wasted when you’re wasted all the time

Funny Koozie Quotes For Different Occasions

With a simple internet search, you can find numberless funny quotes that are the perfect fit for different events and celebrations. Believe it or not, there are tons of funny quotes for precious events like weddings, birthdays, and even baby showers, which can be replicated on beautiful koozies. Here are some of the most comical and silly funny koozie design ideas for different celebrations and events. 

Funny Wedding Koozie Sayings

You can make your wedding unique with unique party favors to add to your wedding theme. Get custom wedding koozies with funny koozie sayings on them for a cute surprise for your guests. You can use these can coolers as decor and a favor for your guests. You can also get some special can coolers just for the bride and the groom for beautiful memories. Check out some cute wedding sayings for koozies here:

  1. Today we’re kind of a big deal
  2. Here’s to love & laughter and happily ever after
  3. Eat, drink, and be married
  4. Just married [custom name and date]Funny Wedding Koozie Sayings
  5. Drunk in love
  6. Live well, laugh often, love always
  7. Time to party our tails off
  8. We came for the “I do’s” and stayed for the free booze
  9. No great love story started with a salad – Alcohol
  10. I survived ____ & _____ wedding
  11. Practice safe drinking, wear koozie
  12. Mr. & Mrs. _________,[custom date]
  13. ___ and ___ got married and all I got was this damn koozie!
  14. Two less fish in the sea
  15. The man who says his wife can’t take a joke forgets that she took him

Funny Bachelor & Bachelorette Koozie Ideas

Looking to throw a bachelor party for your buddy? You would obviously want to drink and party hard, so why not make it a cool memory too? Get your hands on custom bachelor party koozies and personalize them with some cool bachelor party slogans. Here are some bachelor and bachelorette koozie sayings.

  1. Sip Sip Hooray, [Custom Name] Getting Hitched
  2. What happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party! 
  3. Groom-to-be-Prisoner
  4. [Groom’s Name]‘s Bachelor Party aka Funeral
  5. A Final Toast To Single Life
  6. Dead Man Walking
  7. Boats, Bros & Brews
  8. Bachelor Party Favor SayingsSorry ladies, I’m getting married!
  9. Groom’s Brew Crew
  10. Let’s Get Tanked Before He Walks The Plank
  11. Last Swing
  12. [Custom Name] Bachelorette Party [Custom Date]
  13. Soon to be wed sounds eerily similar to soon to be dead.
  14. [GROOM’S NAME]’s Farewell Tour
  15. Beer Because The End is Near
  16. Groom is doomed!
  17. I’m Single Until My Fiance Drags Me Home
  18. Last Fling Before the Ring
  19. Sorry girls, this hunk is taken
  20. Goodbye to life. Hello to Wife
  21. [Groom Name]’s Bachelor Party

Funny Baby Shower Koozie Ideas

Baby shower events can be special for every mother. If you are looking to host a baby shower party for someone, celebrate it in a special way with custom baby shower koozies. Personalize a cute message for the mother and make it a unique surprise. Here are some of the best funny baby shower koozie sayings.

  1. Someone special is brewing
  2. So happy you’re having a baby. Even happier that I’m not. Congratulations!
  3. Parenthood is the scariest hood you’ll ever go through — enjoy the ride.Baby Shower Party Favor
  4. Baby [custom name] is on the way
  5. Welcome to the circus, enjoy your little monkey.
  6. The worst fear of a new baby is its mother’s singing.
  7. Baby coming soon
  8. Here comes trouble!
  9. What is a home without children? Quiet.
  10. Gender reveal “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl
  11. People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.
  12. Soon we’ll have a baby to hold but for now, let’s keep our beer cold koozie
  13. A baby is brewing

Funny Birthday Koozie Sayings

Be it for any birthday, a custom birthday koozie can be a cool party favor for your guests. Be it drinking juice or beer, these coolers will keep your can chilled for a long time. We have some great 30th birthday koozie ideas, 40th birthday koozie ideas, 50th birthday koozie ideas, 60th birthday koozie ideas, and more. Here are some funny koozie sayings.

  1. Cheers and beer to [age]  and [custom name]
  2. At least you’re not as old as you will be next year
  3. Happy 21st birthday, now you can go buy me a drink
  4. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their drinkFunny Birthday Party Favor
  5. Congratulations, now you can pay for your own drinks!
  6. Looks 18, Feels 12, Acts 10, that makes Henry 40
  7. Vintage, aged to perfection
  8. I make pour decisions
  9. I give into beer pressure
  10. Welcome to the par-tee [location and date]
  11. Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional
  12. I told myself that I should stop drinking, but I’m not about to listen to a drunk that talks to himself.
  13. Bad and boozy [custom name and date]
  14. I don’t remember, but I think I was at “Name’s” 21st birthday party
  15. The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once

Funny Graduation Koozie Ideas

Celebrate your graduation with a blast of a party and make it unique with custom graduation koozies. They can be customized and make it look cool while grabbing a drink. They will keep your beverage cold for a long time and you can also make it cool party favor. Get some funny graduation koozie ideas from us and give it a try.

  1. Class of [year] congrats grad
  2. Well, I’m not usually one for speeches – Goodbye
  3. Hotter by One Degree
  4. Funny Graduation Party FavorGraduation because drinking is not a career
  5. The Tassle was worth the Hassle
  6. I would’ve gone to Hogwarts but my ACT score was too low
  7. [Course name] [University name] [Year]
  8. I graduated so now I’m like smart and stuff
  9. Educated AF 
  10. [Custom name] graduation BBQ
  11. I lost a bet because you graduated
  12. We always knew you’d barely graduate
  13. You did it, congrats! WHOOP!
  14. High School looks so much cooler on TV
  15. Prayers will be there in school as long as algebra is taught

How To Order Custom Koozies From ShopSavvy?

Here at ShopSavvy, we have made it easy for customers to place custom koozie orders. Just follow these steps to create your own personalized custom can coolers & koozies.

  1. Select any can cooler you like from our wide range of collections.
  2. Choose the quantity and click on “Upload your design”.
  3. Add a custom image (800×800) or text you want on your koozies.
  4. Preview the design and submit it.
  5. Our team will review your design.
  6. Finally, we’ll send you the koozie mockups for your approval.

We assure you that the customization will be done perfectly and you’ll have no trouble communicating with our team. Once we get your approval, we’ll proceed with the order.

Personalize Your Unique Koozies Now!

You can print anything you want on your koozie, but these funny quotes are undeniably the most creative way of adding humor to your event. Koozies are cheap and very handy favors for guests for taking home. They last long and there are many other uses besides keeping drinks cold. Neoprene and foam koozies are best at keeping drinks cold/hot, hands dry, and preventing moisture on tables. Check out our wide collection of custom can & bottle coolers and order yours today!


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