77 Graduation Koozie Ideas and Sayings For a Memorable Party

Graduation Koozie Ideas

Are you planning to organize a graduation party or attend a one this year? You really should not forget to bring a gift. We have one of the trending gifts for you. A graduation koozie and we have some great graduation koozie ideas that will make your gift memorable. It is unique and will be of great use as well.

Best Graduation Koozie Ideas

Koozies are simply a great gift, you can get them online and can also choose to customize. There are so many ideas to go for when you customize and choosing one could be tough. Now whether you are looking to get for your batch mates or maybe you are getting them for your friends as a surprise present. In any case, we have some of the great graduation koozie ideas to make your present a memorable one. 

Personalised clipart - Graduation
  • icons8-mortarboard-48 Personalized Clipart

Are you fed up searching for better koozies over the internet? And don’t want to think of ideas too much at the same time. The simple graduation koozie ideas can be “[year] Justin” perfect for you. These are premium koozies that best work for all the graduates. You can simply customize the year and graduation symbol you wish to print. You can also add some text of your choice. Make sure you choose the preferred color before you confirm the customization. These are more reasonable and effortless to customize.

  • By Year The Class of [Year]

If you want to customize the koozie a little more than standard this can be the perfect graduation koozie idea for you. You can edit “ the class of [year]” with your friend’s or siblings’ names below. At the bottom, you can also add your university name from where they graduated. This gives a more premium and extra special feeling. You can gift it to your special ones or place it for the party that you have planned.

Koozie with university name and year
Personalized koozie with degree
  • icons8-degree-66 Graduating Degree

Another popular graduation koozie idea is a personalized degree. You can also customize this koozie on both sides. On one side, you can add the Degree they have completed with some kind of greeting symbol for graduation. On another side, you can add the university name and graduation date.

74 Best Graduation Koozie Sayings

There are limitless graduation koozie sayings. However, you choose which you like the most or relate to the most. We will list down some of the best graduation koozies sayings that you can use at your party.

Most Popular Graduation Koozie Sayings

  1. Cheers and beers to my last four years
  2. Fill the drink and repeat
  3. The tassel was worth the hassle
  4. Goodbye to my university
  5. Finally done with the high school
  6. Graduates’ vibes are on point!
  7. Glad to be grad!
  8. Happiness, fun, excitement- it’s graduation
  9. And so the adventure begins
  10. Finally done
  11. Free at the last
  12. Cheers to the past years & cold beers
  13. I graduated! So I am like all smart & stuff
  14. Kiss my class goodbye!
  15. Graduation was not easy, but now it’s all cheesy!
  16. Officially a grownup graduate
  17. Entering the most uncertain & thrilling part of my life
  18. Cheers to this graduating year
  19. They say cheaters never win, but I graduated
  20. Graduated! Can I go back to bed now?
  21. I couldn’t degree more
  22. When they hand you a diploma, Keep moving. In case they grab it back
  23. I have no idea! But I graduated
  24. Grad Squad
  25. Dobby has a master’s, and Dobby is free!
  26. I’m outta here
  27. We may have wined a lot but we did it!
  28. Cheers! Let’s celebrate today
  29. The year where everything gets real
  30. Class dismissed because you nailed it
  31. And this is the part where you start searching for a job
Personalized Koozie Sayings

  1. My Happy class is outta here [year]
  2. Happy graduation [name]
  3. Congratulation[Name]
  4. Congratulation to our graduate [name]
  5. Congrats[name] [year] GRAD
  6. I hope this B.S playOFF [date]
  7. [Date] cheers
  8. Thanks for being part of [university]
  9. Be safe drink with a grad [date]
  10. Straight outta [University name]
  11. The struggle is the real class of [date]
  12. Cheers to [no of years] years.
  13. Young broke and educated/ class of [date]
  14. Name’s graduation [Date]
  15. I’m like [year]% done
Inspiring Graduation Koozie Sayings

  1. Proud of you!
  2. Congratulation! The best is yet to come
  3. The ending is just the new beginning
  4. I can and I will
  5. Let your dream be your wings
  6. It’s not the end but the new beginning
  7. What feels like the end is actually a new beginning
  8. Dream big! There is no limit.
  9. You did it. Congrats!
  10. Congratulation dude! Hope you touch the sky with success
  11. I see your future so bright
  12. Dream big! There is no limit.
  13. Invest in your dreams
  14. “Hustle in silence and let your success make the noise.”
  15. Hustle until you are graduated
  16. Best wishes for your future
  17. Congratulation my son! We are proud of you
  18. Whenever life plants you, Bloom with grace
  19. You dream it then you achieve it
  20. OMG! I did it
  21. Be bold, be courageous, be the best
  22. Kid, you’ll move mountains
  23. Better things ahead
  24. The best is yet to come
  25. Keep moving, Now you’re officially a grown-up
  26. Next chapter towards your success
  27. You must be the change you want to see in the world
  28. One step closer to your success

Use one of the best graduation koozie ideas and plan an amazing party. The graduate must have one of the most memorable parties which they can celebrate with joy. The list of sayings will definitely help you relate to the graduate’s feelings. Pick a great idea and customize the most relatable sayings on the koozie.


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