7 Best New Year Party Favor Ideas For A Game-Changer

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The countdown to welcome a brand new year has finally begun. December 31st is considered the most awaited and most significant night of the year. Friends and family come together to party the whole night and bid the year goodbye. So if this year you are arranging to host a party, then apart from drafting some sizzling appetizers and champagne let’s take your party to a whole new level. Whether it’s a kids’ party or a low-key new year party, we are here to help you curate the best New Year party favor ideas. Our exclusive favor ideas are specially tailored to fit the new year party theme. So let us check them out.

How Can New Year Party Favors Be A Game-Changer?

This New Year, be the host of a wonderful party for your friends and family. If you are looking to make a memorable night for everyone, New Year party favors are the way to go. A party favor is something that you can either use at your party or make a giveaway to your guest as a favor. Favors can be cute, funny, or meaningful. They will serve their purpose even after the party and make your guest remember New Year’s night even after it.

7 Best New Year Party Favor Ideas

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party is not an easy task. You must have a lot of planning to decide on certain New Year party favors. You might be looking for something kid-friendly or low key and we are here to help you throw the best new year party with our exclusive New Year party favors. These are budget-friendly options that can be easily customized to give it a touch of creativity. You can use these items to decorate your party and then hand them over to your guests as favors. So let us check out the 7 best new year party favor items:-

1. Custom New Year Balloons

Balloons are a must-have at every party. And what can be better than having custom New Year balloons? These are very attractive, easy-to-design party decor items. You can choose a foil or a latex one and make your new year countdown stand out. The best part about custom balloons is that you can even get your own theme printed or choose one from the existing template. These balloons come in various sizes, shapes, and colors making them an amazing fit for your hall or your terrace garden. And after the party, you can also hand them over to your guest as a party favor.

New Year Balloons

2. Custom New Year Resolution Jar

An inspiring way to start a New Year is to set some clear goals and fulfill them. We love to make resolutions for the coming year and what could be a better new year favor than a custom new year resolution jar? In this jar, one can write down, burn, or store their new year’s resolution. You can also print the resolution card according to your theme party.

3. Custom New Year T-shirts

Custom New Year shirts are one of a kind unique favor items where you can showcase your creativity and awe-struck your guests. Everybody loves surprises, you can use these custom tee shirts to send new year wishes or your personal messages. These shirts come in various colors and sizes. From kids to adults these t-shirts can be great favor items for all age groups.

New Year T-shirts

4. Photo Frame

We all love clicking photos with our favorite person but seldom do we frame and gift them. You must have made wonderful memories and framing them will make you cherish and relive those moments forever. You can also choose to decorate your hall with all these beautiful photo frames and gift them as New Year’s favor at the end. Such thoughtful and well-planned favor items will always bring an extra smile to all your guests.

5. Custom New Year Cups

Using simple and plain cutlery at a New Year party is too boring. Why not get custom New Year cups that match the theme of your party? You can leave your guests impressed by using these custom-printed cups. Not only designs, but you can get fun-loving quotes, and slogans printed on the two sides of cups and amaze your guests. These can also serve as a party decor item where you can share your warm wishes for the coming year in an absolutely new fashion.

New year cups party favor

6. Handy Party Game

Traditional card games like scrabble, Yahtzee, and Housy are not trendy anymore. Plans some trendy party game like a drink if the following circumstances were met. These would be something very handy on New Year’s eve and you can easily gift them the cards they have picked as New Year favors. You can also choose to customize with your name at the bottom with New Year greetings. This handy party game can also be played if some of your old friends plan to meet via zoom. If you have kids, you can make them Pictionary so they can also participate and have fun.

7. Mini Champagne Bottle

Plan to start your New Year celebration by opening a champagne bottle? Well, then why not choose a mini champagne bottle as a New Year favor item? You can use it for decorating your party and hand it over to guests as New Year Favor gift once the party gets over. They would be delighted to get such beautiful cute looking champagne bottles. Additionally, you can also print labels with New Year quotations and stick them with the bottle to send a loving New Year message.

New year bottle party favor

Ways To Make Your New Year Party Exclusive and Unique

Whether it’s a small gathering or a large we are here to make your New year party a grand success. We all love to make the final countdown, and you can decorate your very own countdown wall using customized balloons. With each countdown, you can burst the balloon and accelerate the celebration mood. You can also create a custom photo wall where your guests can take their favorite Instagram selfies. You can also have a small photo booth session and a kid’s section as well. Additionally, you can also try your hand at creating a mix of cocktails and serving them in your custom-made cutlery. From custom tumblers, and paper cups to handkerchiefs you can now customize them all at your fingertips.

Get Ready To Become The Best Host

We all love hosting parties, and nothing can compare to hosting a New Year’s Party. It is a fact that there lies an underlying pressure in making everything perfect. From creating the perfect ambiance to choosing party decor items and confetti you must be constantly on the run. Thus we have curated the best New Year party favors that can serve two purposes for you. You can decorate with each of these items and later on pass these as gifts to all your guests. 


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