83 Promotional Product Statistics To Understand Why Promotional Items Work?

Promotional Products Statistics

Are you thinking to make your way into the Promotional Product industry? Our promotional products statistics can be of great help to any newcomer or the existing promotional product companies.

The first question you should ask is what promotional product should you manufacture? Is it worth investing in it? What are the promotional product industry trends? And finally, what should you expect from this industry in a few years’ time to determine the top promotional products.

Now, to best answer these questions, we would highlight promotional products statistics that would prove to be crucial in your decision-making. We have got all the important data analyzed for you right here.

A Brief History To Start With….

Jasper Meek was considered to be the father of promotional products. In the late 1800s, he started promoting his newspaper by distributing burlap book bags.

Although the first-ever glimpse of a promotional product in the United States goes way back to 1789. This was when George Washington distributed commemorative buttons during his election campaign.



Just like most of the industry, the promotional product industry also saw a dip in its growth during the pandemic. It ultimately affected the promotional products sales. Although the recovery has been very stable and the promotional product industry saw a 1.9% market growth in the US in 2022. In terms of revenue, the market size in 2022 is $17.8bn.

Here are some of the highlights of this industry.

  1. 57% of customers are inclined toward promotional products made in the US.
  2. 57% of customers who owns a promo product have kept some of them for more than 5 years.
  3. 40% of customers who owns a promo product have kept some of them for more than 10 years.
  4. Roughly 37000 promotional product companies are currently operating in the US. A 0.7% rise since 2013.
  5. Every 8/10 people like to receive a promotional product.
  6. 20% of consumers are willing to repeat their promotional item purchase with the same advertiser.
  7. 90% of customers say they remember the brand after their first purchase.
  8. 60% of promotional product customers keep the product for at least a year.
  9. Two-thirds of customers pass along the promotional product when they do not require it.
  10. 53% of promotional product users say they use it at least once a week.

Different Promotional Products Statistics…

Let us get an idea of how different promotional items drive success to the business. This is to show you what customers perceive about promotional items with logos and which is the most popular category in the promotional products industry.

These product-specific statistics on the best promotional items 2021 and 2020 can help you figure out what product you can manufacture or focus on for a better customer impression. 

Promotional Product Retention
  1. Wearable items are the most preferable promotional product
  2. Outwear products like jackets and coats get the most attention from customers.
  3. Tshirt, headwear, and bags are the next 3 highest impression promotional items. 
  4. 67% of customers own promotional outerwear.
  5. On average outwear items have the highest lifespan with 16 months.
  6. 89% of customers own promotional writing products.
  7. Promotional writing items are kept for an average of 9 months.
  8. 39% of consumers own a promotional mask currently.
  9. 80% of customers own a promotional t-shirt.
  10. Promotional T-shirts are kept for 14 months on average.
  11. 73% of customers own a promotional bag.
  12. Promotional items like tote bags have an average lifespan of 11 months.
  13. 69% of customers own promotional headwear.
  14. Promotional headwear is kept for 10 months on average.
  15. 62% of customers own a promotional calendar.
  16. 52% of customers keep their promotional calendar for a year or more.
  17. 60% of calendars at home and 75% of calendars at offices are promotional calendars.
  18. 58% of promotional item customer owns a USB.
  19. 56% of USB owners gave “useful” as the reason for buying it.
  20. 33% of customers own a promotional power bank.
  21. On average promotional power bank has an average 12 months lifespan.
  22. 64% of users purchase promotional desk accessories because it is useful.
  23. Customers on average use the promotional desk accessories for about 13 months.
  24. Promotional drinkware is owned by 78% of customers.
  25. These customers keep their promotional drinkware for about 12 months on average.
  26. Promotional umbrellas are owned by 45% of customers.
  27. These customers keep their promotional umbrellas for about 14 months on average.
  28. 46% of people would be more inclined to receive an environmentally friendly promotional item.

Is It Worth Investing in Promotional Products?

The promotional product industry has been a great investment. here is the promotional product sales revenue in the past 5 years.

sales revenue

Further these statistics will also help you with the understanding of cost per impression for specific promotional products. This is an important factor to get an idea about return on investment (ROI). Let us understand these promotional products statistics that will showcase the brand’s success in recent years.

  1. Each promotional mask gains 4235 impressions over its lifespan.
  2. A promotional mask that costs $5 will have a 1/10 of a cent cost per impression.
  3. Writing promotional products gains about 3000 impressions over its lifespan.
  4. Promotional writing products costing $1 will have a 1/10 cost per impression.
  5. Promotional bags can gain 3300 impressions over their lifespan.
  6. A $5 promotional bag will have a 2/10 of a cent cost per impression.
  7. Promotional t-shirts generate 3400 impressions over their lifespan.
  8. A $7 promotional t-shirt will have a CPI of 2/10 of a cent.
  9. Promotional headwear can also generate 3400 impressions over its lifespan.
  10. A $10 promotional headwear will have a CPI of 3/10 of a cent.
  11. Promotional calendars generate 850 impressions over their lifespan.
  12. A $3 promotional calendar will have a CPI of 3/10 of a cent.
  13. 700 impressions are generated over a promotional USBs lifespan.
  14. A $5 promo USB will have a 7/10 of a cent CPI.
  15. 1450 impressions are generated by promo desk accessories over their lifespan.
  16. Promotional desk accessories will have a 3/10 of a cent CPI.
  17. Promo drinkware generates 1400 impressions over its lifespan.
  18. $7 promotional drinkware will have ½ of a cent CPI.
  19. Promotional umbrellas generate 1100 impressions over their lifespan.
  20. $10 promo umbrellas will have a CPI of under 1 cent.
  21. Promotional outerwear can generate 6100 impressions over its lifespan.
  22. $20 promotional outerwear will have a CPI of 3/10 of a cent.
  23. Promo power banks can generate 900 Impressions over their lifespan.
  24. A $10 promo power bank will have a CPI of 1 cent
  25. People value quality, 72% of the people say that the brand’s reputation is directly dependent on its product quality.

Why do Customers Keep Their Promotional Items?

Now, much research has shown that the top 3 reasons customers give for keeping their promotional product are quality, utility, and attractiveness. So let us see the statistics behind these promotional product facts.

Reasons to keep promotional products
  1. 65% of promotional mask owners keep the item because of its quality.
  2. 69% of owners keep promotional writing products because of their quality.
  3. 53% of promotional calendar owners keep them because of their utility.
  4. 57% of people keep their promotional umbrella because of its quality.
  5. 63% of owners keep promotional headwear because of its attractiveness.
  6. 64% of promotional desk accessories are kept because of their utility.
  7. 58% of promotional USB drive owners keep them because of their utility.
  8. 61% of promotional power bank users keep them because of their utility.
  9. 70% of owners keep their promotional drinkware because of its quality.
  10. 54% of owners keep their promotional outerwear because of its quality.
  11. 56% and 54% of owners keep their promotional T-shirts because of attractiveness and quality respectively.
  12. 57% of owners keep their promotional polo shirts because of their attractiveness.
  13. 55% of owners state that they keep their promotional bags because of their quality.

Promotional Product Statistics Infographic

Other Promotional Products Statistics

Here are some other highlights of the promotional product that you will find interesting.

  1. In 1941, the first trade show for promotional products was conducted.
  2. The first brand to create a promotional product commenced its business in 1886.
  3. Women are more likely to buy promotional bags, calendars, or writing items.
  4. Men are more likely to go for promo outerwear.
  5. Promotional products are ranked at the top as the most effective form of advertising.
  6. 59% of employees have a more favorable impression of their employers when and if they receive a promotional item.
  7. 8 in 10 people would like to receive a promotional item.
  8. 80% of people have an immediate reaction to a promotional item they receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do promotional products increase sales?

According to a study by PPAI, 52% of promotional product owners have re-purchased from the same advertiser. Thus, increasing the sales.

2. How much spending is required in the promotional product industry?

According to the entrepreneur, you should use 12% to 20% of your projected revenue on marketing your product. This is the case with companies that are in business for 5 or fewer years.

3. How should I set up my promotional budget?

The simple way to determine your budget would be to use a specific percentage of your last year’s sales or your projected sales for the current year.

4. What are the top promotional products?

The top three top promotional products for the customers are promo outerwear, bags, and writing products.


That there is everything about the promotional products statistics. You can use these promo stats to make crucial decisions about your business. All of these statistics are supported by a few sources. The promo industry has true potential and you can run your business effectively with the correct steps.


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