11 Unforgetful Wedding Party Favor Ideas For Your Guests

Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Do you want to make your wedding memorable in every way, well who wouldn’t? One of the aspects of your wedding is the gift, you surely will get many from your guests but how are you gonna make this event memorable for them? One of the ways to do so is to provide them with unique favors and we have some of the best wedding party favor ideas. A party favor is anything that you give to your guests as a token of appreciation for their attendance and these party favors can also be used at your event which later guests can take with them.

You can have more than one party favor at your wedding, if you do not have an idea about what to get, here are some of the very best wedding party favor ideas that would be perfect no matter what theme is your wedding.

Reasons to Gift Wedding Favors

The primary reason for you all to gift unique, creative, and convenient wedding party favors is to show gratitude towards your guest. Our different wedding party favor ideas have it all from wearables to decorative. These will make your guest special and appreciated. Make sure you pick what feels right for your wedding and for your guests.

11 Unique Wedding Party Favor Ideas

Select a creative product and something that speaks your personal touch is not that tough. Go through the various custom options and select the best suitable one that matches the theme of your wedding.

A perfect wedding favor will make your guest feel more loved and special. Go through our best wedding party favor ideas here:

1. Personalized Wedding Koozies

Let your friends and family keep their drinks chill by gifting them an extraordinary collection of custom wedding can coolers with interesting designs. These can coolers are great to keep your hands dry while keeping your chilled beverage cold for a long time. 

Wedding Koozies Party Favor

2. Napkins and Towels

Giveaway napkins and towels that have embroidered text or a cute little note for the guests as the most unique wedding party favors. Your guest will cherish all the moments of your wedding with this special gift. These napkins can be theme based for lunch or dinner and you can match the napkin colors with your wedding theme.

3. Unisex T-shirts

Personalize a message on unisex wedding t-shirts that you can use as a wedding party favor for all your family & friends. Impress them with a unique pick and the most comfortable stylish t-shirts. They come in cotton and poly/cotton material in round neck half sleeve. Express your ideas using these custom t-shirts.

Wedding T-shirts

4. Wine Label

Customize different wine labels with a photo or a special message for all your beloved ones. This is certainly a unique favor and suitable for those who love wine. You can use the wine at your wedding and customize a label for it.

5. Wedding Tote Bags

Show gratitude to your guest with a durable and cute collection of custom tote bags. You can find different colors and designs for these wedding tote bags. They can be funny or cute or something classy. These will make a great giveaway for your guests as they can be very useful for them while shopping.

6. Crest Boxes

Surprise your guests with crest boxes and fill them up with sweets or chocolates and cover them up with colorful ribbons. Choose the colors and shapes along with sizes depending on the theme of the wedding party that is attractive.

7. Wedding Coasters

Collect a pack of customized wedding coasters in silicon or cork material and gift them to your guests as one of the most useful wedding favor. These coasters are the best way to protect flat surfaces from getting harsh stains. These when personalized give a very beautiful look to your table and you can use them for your tables at the wedding.

Wedding Coasters Party Favor

8. Miniature Candles

Impress your beloved with fascinating scented candles but in a miniature size that is cute and is one of the best wedding party favor for your guest. Light up the candles while taking a soothing bath or in the kitchen while you cook.

9. Wedding Keychains

Customize a quote or text for all your guests and use the engraved keychains as one of the most unique wedding keepsakes. No more losing the important keys to your cupboard, cars, or keys in your place. As they are so useful even after the wedding, your guests will use them frequently.

Wedding Keychains Party Favor

10. Incense

Spread positive and happy vibes among your guests by giving out incense of different scents. These can help you thank your family & friends uniquely. Keep the incense in the living room or dining area for calm vibes.

11. Wedding Bottle Openers

Personalize a unique colored bottle opener with a message for your guest. This proves to be one of the best wedding party keepsakes. Openers can be of different sizes and shapes and you can also customize them as every bar owner will appreciate them.

Wedding Bottle Opener Party Favor

How to Choose Perfect Wedding Party Favors?

As we have already listed some of the best wedding party favor ideas for you, now you need to choose what’s best for you. Customizable products tend to make a better impression. It is one of the best ways to acknowledge your guests with a personal touch. The personalization can be anything from a special message to a simple custom name. Show your appreciation to your guests for attending your wedding. Browse through various options and choose a unique party favor that’s useful for all of them and customized with your wedding initials.

Pick the Best Party Favor!

Go through the ideas and choose the perfect fit for your wedding. Make sure to stick to the theme of your wedding. Select wedding party favors based on the type of theme you and your partner are deciding to throw. Make the moments memorable with the most amazing wedding party favor ideas.


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