What is a Koozie? Know its Types, History and Facts

At times even small innovations can make your life easier. So what is a koozie? This innovation is simply a sleeve made for your cans, bottles, glasses, etc. Why this koozie is so popular you ask? Let us help you understand how having a koozie can make a small part of your life much easier. After your read this, you will certainly want a koozie.

What is a Koozie?What is a Koozie

A koozie or coozie is a special sleeve that is insulated. An insulated koozie is made up of foam or neoprene fabric. Using this coozie or koozie, you can keep your drinks cold for a longer duration. A koozie can be used to cover cans, bottles, glasses, etc. So no matter if you have a cold beer or a hot drink in your cans and bottles, it will maintain the temperature for a longer duration.

Different Names for a Koozie:

Many ask the question, how do you spell koozies? Originally the generic term for koozie was “koozie.” Along the way, there have been different names used for a koozie like coozie, cozy, can coolers, beer jacket, coozies, coolies, can holder, beer coozies, can koolers, huggie, etc

Koozie or Coozie

Why are there so many names for a koozie? Not many people know this but “Koozie” is actually a registered trademark. Therefore it is an infringement to use the term “Koozie” and sell under your brand. Therefore you will find many names for koozies. It is simply a marketing strategy from various companies to sell their product. Due to many reasons, “Koozies” lost its trademark many times over the years. Hence it became a very generic term for the people.

To avoid infringement, companies use terms sounding near to the term “Koozies” Therefore you must have heard or seen terms like coolie, can coolers, cozy, coozie, etc. All these terms mean the same product.

What Does A Koozie Do?Beer Can Condensation

Once you have a brief idea of what are koozies, we can move forward to understand what it does exactly. It is no rocket science. A koozie is simply made up of materials that are good insulators. So when you use this insulated koozie and wrap your cans and bottles with it, it gives an extra set of protection from the normal temperature around the cans and bottles.

You must have noticed that your cold beer creates water droplets around the can or bottle. So what is it exactly? It is simply a process called condensation. These droplets quicken the process of bringing your cold beer to room temperature. So the koozie simply prevents this condensation process and further helps to keep your drinks cold or hot for a longer period.

What is the Standard Size of a Koozie?

No matter the size, all Koozies are made with a purpose to keep your drinks cold. The size may vary depending on the cans or the bottles. The standard koozie size is 12oz which can fit perfectly into your regular beverage cans and bottles. If you are looking for a specific size koozie, you can get it customized as well.

What Are The Types of Koozies?

The different types of koozies are simply based on the different materials used to make a koozie. A koozie or coozie can be made from multiple materials and these materials then determine the quality of the koozie. The most popular material used to make a koozie is the foam koozie and a neoprene koozie. Apart from these two, you might also get koozies of other materials like:

Denim Koozie

Denim Koozie

Burlap Koozie

Koozies Burlap

Yarn Koozie


Polyester Koozie


Plastic Koozie

Plastic Koozies

Stainless Steel Koozie

Koozie Stainless Steel

How Long Does A Koozie Work For?

There is no specific duration for which a koozie keeps your drink cold or hot. It depends on other factors as well. These factors could be, how cold your drink already is, what is the room temperature and what material koozie you are using. Although if you are looking to buy your custom koozie then to get an idea, you can use a foam koozie to keep your drink cold for around 1 hour more and a neoprene koozie can keep your drink cold for around 2 hours.

A Little Bit of Koozie History

  • The koozie history starts in the 1800s when Bob Autrey coined the term.
    Koozie History

  • Later RCC bought the “Koozies” and successfully received a registered trademark in the United States.
  • In 1982, RCC introduced a product called can cooler.
  • A variety of products were introduced to the Koozie brand like cooler bags, leisure items, travel accessories, and business accessories.
  • Over the years, Koozies have lost its trademark many times, which led to people using the term as a general item like a onesie, Hula Hoop, etc.
  • In 1991, Norwood promotional products acquired RCC.
  • Norwood faced many disputes on and off. Out of which a brand named “Kustom Koozies” was the most popular.
  • In a dispute, Norwood said that Koozie, Coozie, Coolie, cozy are terms that infringe the trademark. Whereas Kustom Koozie said that their trademark had become generic.
  • Later both the brand came to a licensing agreement, but after a few years, Kustom Koozies were unable to follow the agreement.
  • In 2009, Norwood suggested making two changes to its website. One changing the term “Koozie” to “KOOZIE.” Another to add a ® behind their name to differentiate them from other brands.
  • Later in 2009, a company named BIC Graphic purchased Norwood.

Frequently Asked Koozie Questions

1. Who invented KOOZIES?

– Bonnie McGough invented Cozy and patented it in 1981. Later Bob Autrey coined the term Koozies.

2. Is Koozie a Brand Name?

– Yes Koozie itself is a brand and they sell various products like can coolers, tumblers, outdoor accessories, etc.

3. Why Koozie is spelt in different ways?

– As the term, “Koozie” is a registered trademark, other brands come up with terms that sound similar and market their products.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About KooziesDid you know

  1. Scott Henderson from Canhandlers International created the portable design for a koozie for the very first time.
  2. The stubby holder is another name used for Koozie just in Australia. Shane Walsh was the first person to introduce the stubby holder.
  3. During World War II, British soldiers were encouraged to knit tea cosies to avoid boredom.
  4. The term “Koozies” has lost its registered trademark many times.
  5. Koozies go by different names in different countries.

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