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One of the popular products, we sell charging cables in wholesale. Our bulk phone charging cables can charge any brand of smartphones or tablets. Along with charging, these cables can also transfer data.

Our motive is to supply high-quality and trending cables like the original look-a-like White bulk lightning cable, White Micro USB cable, & Original Type – C cables wholesale. Moreover, we provide extra Long, 3-in-1 cables. We always provide high-quality products to our customers.


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Which Phone Cable Should You Get?

Before you move towards detailed information about the types take a look at the three types of cables. You must note that you have to pick the right cable as per your device. 

Micro USB

Micro-USB is known to be a miniaturized version of the USB that is made to connect smart devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, GPS devices, photo printers, and digital cameras. Above all, it is known to be a universal cable as you can get various variants of micro USB that are micro-A, micro-B, and micro-B v3.0. You can easily identify the variants as one comes with 5 pins and another is with 10 pins plug.  


You might know that Apple is known for its standards, nowadays they are highly pushing up its standards. They implemented their new technology by a new table format. They inserted the cable, Lightning to USB cable. It is known for its 8 pin plug. Their own cable was much wider and that took up more room for your device as it was a 30 pin connector. It is more compatible with Apple users. 


Here comes the third variation of cable that is USB-C that is also known as USB Type-C. It is a 24 pin connector that is able to connect both host and devices. It is replacing both  USB-B and USB-A which is usually meant to be future-proofed. It is similar to that of lightning cables. Type-C is that versatile. not only deals with multiple types of cables, but we also sell wholesale phone accessories at the best and lowest price. You will get most of the types of phone accessories here in one place.

How To Choose The Best Wholesale Cables?

Important factors that you should look at while choosing the charging cable must be the material and length of your cable. It is important to choose a quality cable.

Therefore looking at the material is important and the length is a common concern because it limits your area from within which you can access your phone while at charge. So The longer the length, the better it is for you.

Lastly, the price of the wholesale charger cable should be low as you would be buying in bulk. It is recommended to compare prices but at the same time, weigh in other factors like the quality and length as explained below.


The material can be either fiber optics or copper and so they are divided into Twisted pairs. (copper), Coax. (copper), and Optic cables. (fiber). 

  • Twisted pairs are mainly used in Telecommunication and computers. 
  • Older computers use Coax cable. 
  • Fiber optics are highly used by telephonic companies so that they can provide fast internet connection.


A regular USB cable can be used in conjunction with an active cable. It can be used as long as the cable is 5 meters (16 feet and 5 inches) and not more than that. This can be only for the 2.0 device. And to use for 3.0 device the maximum limit is up to 3 meters (9 feet and 10 inches)

When Should You Change Your Phone Charger Cable?

A cable can be delicate depending on its material. A phone charger cable can last a bit longer if you maintain it properly. There will be signs for you to know that it is time to get yourself a new phone charger. 

Loose Connector

If your phone charger cable is loose and every now and then it is losing its connection and your phone is not charging. You are having to keep your phone in a particular manner for it to charge, then it is time to change your phone charger.

Slow Charging

If your phone is not charging at the same speed as before, it is probably because your charger is old and can no longer provide you the same power as it could. 


If your charger cable is rusted, you should then change your charger before it damages your devices. A rusty charger cable can be dangerous and unpredictable to use.

Physical Distortion

If your charger cable coating is damaged the wires are showing. Then you should change your charger cable as it can be dangerous for you and your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it so that all the Micro USB Cables are the same?

No, it is not that all micro USBs are the same as they may vary from one manufacturer to another manufacturer.

2. Can you name some phone that uses Type-C cables?

Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Z Flip, Note10, Note10+, Fold, S10e, S10, S10+, Fold, Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, and S8+ are some type that uses Type-C cables.

3. Is buying cable wholesale a good option?

Yes, definitely it could prove to be helpful for multiple reason, one of which is the low cost.

4. What are the uses of USB?

It is a most popular connection, used to connect various devices such as computers, smartphones, digital cameras, and many more things.