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We provide lightning cables bulk for iPhones and other Apple products. Our wholesale lightning cables are ensured to be durable and fast charge Apple products like iPhone, iPad, etc. Our bulk iPhone chargers come in multiple length options such as White 6.5 feet & 10 feet for easy charging, you can also find nylon braided Long cables with alloy body protective necks. We intend to provide wholesale iPhone chargers at the best possible price. Our products are directly shipped from the factory and we deliver worldwide.


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Who Should Get Our Lightning Cable Wholesale?

You will find that we provide different variants of our bulk lightning cable. Our wholesale lightning cables are easy to use and charge any Apple product. Anyone who is interested to get our lightning cables in bulk at the best prices should get our product.

Why Get Our Wholesale Lightning Cable?

We do not simply just provide one type of lightning cable. We try to provide innovative products at all times. While anyone shops with us, we provide variants to our wholesale lightning cable collections. There are mainly 2 types of variations that can be selected. Now, let us jump into how our iPhone charger in bulk has been a popular choice.

1. Material

We work on providing the best quality cables. These lightning cables are coated with high-quality material with protective necks to avoid easy breakage. These are smart cables that also avoid overheating and prevent damaging the device itself.

2. Multi-color variants

Having different colors of cable is also an option with us, we do not just provide a single color, select as you may like and get the color available.

3. Length options

Having long cables is always advantageous. We provide multiple length options depending on our products and availability. We have 1m, 2m, and 3m options. Longer cables make it easy to charge the device even if the plug point is at a distance.

4. Wholesale price

Buying our wholesale lightning cables in bulk will provide the best price options. The wholesale price will decrease the price per cable to a very low price. This way we provide high quality at a low price.

When To Move On To New A Cable?

There is always a life span to these cables. Our wholesale cables are designed for long-lasting use. Although if you see older cables with the wire coming out of the coating then it is time to move on to a new lightning cable. Along with this, another sign could be the charging speed of the cable. Slow speed suggests the cable is not able to power the smartphone meaning change the cable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I charge all my Apple devices with one lightning cable?

Yes, one lightning cable can be used to charge multiple Apple product that has lightning port. Although we would recommend multiple devices should not be charged with a single lightning cable.

Does this lightning cable fast charge?

Yes, we also have fast charging lightning cable wholesale for iPhones.

Can I return my order of wholesale lightning cables?

Yes, if there is any damage, please collect the proof while unboxing and let us know within 24 hours of delivery. We will accept your return after inspection.