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Buying wholesale long cables in bulk will certainly give you the best prices for the highest quality material. We have different types of cables, strong braided cables for high intensity and rough use, and multiple color options as well. These long cables are for universal smartphones that include Android, Apple, and Type C. We have different lengths for easy and fast charging.

10ft 2A Bulk Micro USB Cables For Data Sync & Charging – Black


10ft Colorful Braided Type – C Bulk USB Cables


10ft Dragon Pattern Micro USB Cables With Protective Necks


10ft Nylon Braided 2A Fast Charging Micro USB Cables


10ft OEM Bulk iPhone Charger Cables in Wholesale


3A 180° Rotating Bulk Lightning Cable With Elbow


3A 180° Rotating Elbow Wholesale Type – C Cable


3A 180° Rotating Wholesale Android Charging Cables With Elbow Design


3A Type C Bulk USB Cables For Smartphones


3ft 2A Wholesale Lightning Cables For Apple Devices


3ft Braided Bulk Micro USB Cables in Wholesale With Multicolor


3ft Braided USB Cables To Type – C 2A For Quick Charge


3ft Fast Charging Type C Wholesale Cables in Bulk


3ft Long Type C Braided Wholesale Cables in Bulk


3ft Type – C Wholesale Cables in Bulk With Protective Necks


4ft 3 in 1 Wholesale Cables With Type C, Micro USB & Lighting


5ft Bulk Micro USB Cables With Zinc Alloy Design For Fast Charging


5ft Nylon Braided Bulk iPhone Charger Cables in Multicolor


6ft 60W 3A PD Type C To C Data Cables Wholesale


6ft Colorful Braided Bulk Lightning Cables in Wholesale


6ft Dragon Pattern Bulk iPhone Charger Cables With Aluminum Sleeves


6ft Flat Zinc Alloy Lightning Cables Wholesale For Apple Devices


6ft Multi Color 2A Micro USB Cables in Wholesale For Fast Charging


6ft Nylon Braided Bulk Micro USB Cables For High Speed Charging


6ft Nylon Braided Bulk Micro USB Cables With 5V/2A Fast Charging


6ft Nylon Braided Type-C Phone Charging Cables


6ft PD Type C To Lighting Cables For iPhone


6ft White Bulk Micro USB Cables in Bulk Directly From Factory


Bulk Type-C Charging Cable With Fixed Elbow


Double Elbow Bulk Denim Bulk Micro USB Cables For iPhone 11


Elbow Wholesale Denim Bulk Micro USB Cables


Fast Charging 3A Bulk Micro USB Cables in Wholesale


Flat Zinc Alloy 3ft Type C Wholesale Cables


Multi Color 10ft Bulk Lightning Cables 2A For Fast Charging


Nylon Braided Bulk Lightning Cable 3 in 1 Magnetic Heads


Nylon Magnetic 3 in 1 Type C Charging Cable


How Our Wholesale Long Cables Are Beneficial?

Our long cables are helpful for universal devices. They can charge any brand of smartphones. Our wholesale long cables is available for  Android, iPhone, and even Type C. We provide 1m, 2m, and 3m long charging cables. This can ease the charging of the smartphone even if the plug point is at a distance. These long cables are not just lengthy but also quality lengthy, this means they are durable for rough use as well and we also have lightweight cables options.

Why Buy Our Wholesale Long Cables?

We work on providing the best and high-quality product. We try to fill the gap and come up with the necessary phone accessories. Our wholesale long cables are one of those products. Different smartphone brands do not provide long cables with the phone. We understand the need and while keeping the quality in mind we provide the long cables as it is a necessity. We can also point out other reasons for buying our wholesale cables.

1. Universal device compatibility

Our long cables are not just for a particular device. We provide cables for all kind of smartphones that includes Android, Apple, and Type C smartphones.

2. Material

Our cables are built up with high-quality material to avoid breakage, long cables generally are tough to maintain but we have ensured that the coating is strong to prevent damage.

3. Multi-color options

Along with the built, we also focus on the looks, and hence we provide multi-color options for a sleek and different look to the cables. There is no extra charge for any colors.

4. Ease of charging

Having a long cable gives ease of charging in many situations. it is not always possible to have the plug point very near to you. All those times these long cables will turn out to be very useful.

5. Wholesale price

Our specialty is to provide the best at the best prices. Our wholesale price for long cables is very affordable and with the quality of these cables, these prices are a grab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of buying cables in bulk?

We sell our cables in bulk for wholesale prices and these prices will be discounted as the quantity increases.

Are these long cables for universal phones?

Yes, we provide long cables for all smartphones, our long cables come for micro-usb, lightning, and type C.

What length options are there?

We have 3 length options for our long cables i.e. 1m, 2, and 3m.