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Phone accessories that are very trending and almost a must-have these days are power banks, earphones, cover cases, chargers, and even smartwatches. Making wholesale phone accessories purchase very beneficial.
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Infinite TrendInfinite Trend

Different phone accessories keep on emerging in the market, keeping up with the trend and the needs of customers. This trend is infinite and if you want to stay in the business, you must have all kinds of products that are needed by the customers. To match and go hand in hand with this infinite trend, a good partnership with a wholesale phone accessories supplier can be invaluable.

Wholesale PricesWholesale Price

Shopsavvy is known for providing the best wholesale prices. Purchasing from a wholesale supplier would definitely save you money and get you the best deals. We are dedicated to providing the best quality product at the best wholesale prices for all phone accessories. One of the reasons for such low prices is that we directly supply from the factory.

Unique SolutionsUnique Solutions

How does the need for new products arise and keep on rising? This is due to the constant innovation and change in technology. Mobile phones are a very good example of this. Hence, it creates the need for different phone accessories that can match the constant innovations. A good example would be Apple removing the headphone jack. This created a need for a unique accessory.

Mockups & SamplesMock-ups & Samples

Providing mock-up and samples is our way to ease our customer’s stress. When we receive any customization order on our wholesale phone accessories, we always tend to help our customers with mock-ups of how their product will look. This gives them a clear idea about their customization and only after a confirmation from our customer, we move forward with the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, We do not have exchange options however if products are damaged during delivery, we do have options for return.

Custom products are not eligible for returns. However, for added assurance, we do provide design mock-ups prior to order processing.

2 different products added to the cart are not eligible for combined discounts. You can get discounts for individual items bought in bulk.

Buying products in wholesale makes you get higher discounts and saves you money.

Yes, We provide options for bulk customisations as well. You need to upload your custom image as well for the mock-up preparation.

At this moment, we only customize wholesale popsocket.

Only before the product is shipped, the order can be cancelled.

Can be requested for a return and you can contact us at “write the email id” instead of “Are eligible for return”.

Yes, We can ship directly to your Amazon warehouse. You need to mention your UPC code. However, before you place the order you need to get in touch with us.

If you are buying multiple wholesale phone accessories, then you can add the products to the cart respectively and send images accordingly. For every single bulk order, you can select 1 design.