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Our wholesale phone chargers are the best-selling product. We supply all kinds of phone chargers. Our wholesale collection provides multiple USB car chargers for Android, iPhone, and Type C. Along with this, we supply USB chargers that are very convenient for traveling. We are continuously in an effort to upgrade our inventory with products like dual USB phone chargers, dual port USB & PD chargers for charging multiple devices at the same time, then we also provide iPhone charging block, PD chargers & UL Certified Charger for fast charging. All these exciting products are available at affordable prices for wholesale purchase.


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Multicolor 5V And 2.1A Wholesale USB Phone Chargers With Dual Port

As Low As $1.35

Which Bulk Phone Chargers is For You?

There are mainly three types of wholesale phone chargers we sell:

1. Micro-USB – Android phone users can use this charger

2. USB-C – Android phones are evolving and you may find new phones with Type C ports and so you will need this charger.

3. Lightning for iPhone – iPhone users will only be able to charge their phones with this.

If you are willing to buy chargers in bulk and cables as well, then you will get the best and the lowest price at Not only are phone chargers wholesale but you will get different wholesale cell phone accessories at the best possible price.

What is a Charger Block?

A charger block is an adapter that helps your charger cable to pass the current to your device and charge it. You can get a charger block separately as well or with the charger cable as a whole.

How Much Voltage Do You Need For Your Phone Charger?

Generally, a phone charger has a voltage of 5V – 12V. Every phone charger block will have that information written on it. Just search for “Output” and you will know whether you can use that phone charger for your phone or not. 

The charging speed does not depend on your charger block. It depends on your phone’s battery life. High voltage can prove to be harmful to your device and may damage it. Therefore knowing the voltage of your phone charger is important.

When Should You Change Your Phone Charger?

Our iPhone charger bulk can last long but it will also require you to maintain it. There will be signs for you to know that it is time to get yourself a new phone charger. 

Loose Connector

If your phone charger cable is loose and every now and then it is losing its connection and your phone is not charging. You are having to keep your phone in a particular manner for it to charge, then it is time to change your phone charger.


If your charger is not providing the same amount of ampere anymore then it means its lifespan has come to an end and you should probably change it.

Slow Charging

If your phone is not charging at the same speed as before, it is probably because your charger is old and can no longer provide you the same power as it could.


If your charger is rusted, you should then change your charger before it damages your devices. A rusty charger can be dangerous and unpredictable to use.

Physical Distortion

If your charger cable coating is damaged the wires are showing. Then you should change your charger cable as it can be dangerous for you and your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you name the 3 types of connectors?

Three types of Connectors are twisted-pair connectors, coaxial cable connectors, and fiber-optic connectors.

2. How Can I choose the best bulk phone chargers?

To choose the best charger you have to look for the amperage/current of the charger. If it is more than your charger then it cannot damage your device. Also take a look at the price and the quantity to know if its worth.

3. What is the difference between 5V 1A and 5V 2A charger?

5V 1A charges your android device slow as compared to 5V 2A.