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iPhone charger is very high in demand as very large popularity uses Apple products and having an iPhone charger is a necessity then. Therefore we provide the best quality wholesale iPhone chargers in bulk, these products also assure that your phone is not overheated and it is kept safe while at charge. We also have different color options on these charger blocks.

Multicolor 5V And 2.1A Wholesale USB Phone Chargers With Dual Port

As Low As $1.35

PD 20W Wholesale iphone Charger Adapter Compatible With Apple 12 Pro

As Low As $3.44

5V1A USB Wholesale iPhone Charger Blocks in Bulk

As Low As $0.94

QC3.0 PD20W Bulk Charger Blocks With Dual Ports (USB+Type C)

As Low As $3.31

Who Should Get Our iPhone Charger?

Our wholesale iPhone chargers are to charge Apple products. These iPhone chargers are specially designed to charge an iPhone or iPad, etc. These charging blocks have a volt limit that prevents the smartphone and the charging block itself from overheating. These chargers use USB to lightning cables.

Why Get Our Wholesale iPhone Chargers?

Our wholesale iPhone charger is a high-quality product that had an immense capacity to charge multiple phones at once. There are other functions and characteristics of our charger that is appealing. Let us take a look.

1. High quality

Our wholesale iPhone chargers are tough durable and can be used for a long period of time. It is built with the latest technology to make it a smart charging block that can contain the power and prevent itself to overheat.

2. Multi-color variants

Having different colors of chargers is also an option with us, we do not just provide a single color, select as you may like and get the colors available. We have a wide range.

3. Dual Port

Along with this, we also provide chargers with dual-port that allows charging 2 smart smartphones at once. This saves time and can be a great advantage at a time when there is a time crunch.

4. Wholesale price

Buying our wholesale phone chargers in bulk will provide the best price options. The wholesale price will decrease the price per charger to a very low price. This way we provide high quality at a low price.

When To Move On To New A Charger?

There is always a life span to these chargers. Although there might be confused whether it’s the charger block or the cable, the charger block’s life is longer than the cables generally, If the cable is fine and the device is still charging at a low speed then it is time to change the phone charger. At times it may even overheat the charging block very quickly that is the sign to change the charger block.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this charger fast charge the phone?

Yes, using a fast-charging cable along with our iPhone charger then it can be used to fast charge any iPhone.

Can this charger be used for iPad?

Yes, we offer chargers for iPhone and iPad as well. It is built for both to charge easily.

Can I return my order of wholesale iPhone chargers?

Yes, if there is any damage, please collect the proof while unboxing and let us know within 24 hours of delivery. We will accept your return after inspection.