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Mobile phones and other devices such as laptops or tablets are the most important part of today’s life. Nowadays no work is possible without these tools, along with this it is necessary to charge the device to keep them working. So, for charging the device at home and office wall charger is the important thing needed. This helps to charge the phone with the help of a USB cable by simply plugging the adapter into the wall and by plugging the USB in the charger. 


Here, are some of the features of the wall charger. 

  • It is light in weight and has a compact design. 
  • Easy to store and carry. 
  • The adapter can convert normal 240V AC Input to 5V/2.4A Dual USB output. 
  • Charges the device faster. 
  • A 2 slot charger is available.

1. Are all USB wall chargers the same?

No, not all the USB wall chargers are not as some of the wall chargers are stronger than others.

2. Are USB wall chargers/outlets are safe?

Yes, they are safe till installed properly. Most of the chargers and outlets come with a direction, so install them as per the direction.

3. How many ports charger can you buy?

You can either get a single-port charger, double port charger, and also a charger with four ports.