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Wholesale Phone Accessories FAQ's

Our standard delivery time is 7-18 business days and in case of customization it may take up additional time.

Our Express delivery time is 2-5 Days and in case of customization, it may take 2-5 more days.

We would always recommend taking a video while you unbox so that there is proof of the product arriving damaged. Also, you should immediately request a return and send us the proof along with it.

All orders once delivered need to be returned within 45 days. We won’t accept any returns after 45 days.

Yes, you can cancel your order after you have placed it. We allow cancellation till the time your order is not shipped from the warehouse.

If you cancel before your order is shipped then you get a full refund and if your order is already shipped then we will deduct 25% of the total amount and then refund you the rest.

Our wholesale phone accessories collection includes wholesale cables, wholesale popsockets, wholesale phone chargers, and wholesale earbuds. We continuously work on updating our wholesale collection and keeping up with the trend.

Buying wholesale phone accessories in bulk gives a big cost-benefit because as the order quantity increases, the order amount decreases. We are able to do this because of various factors, one of which is that we direct ship from the factory.

Currently, our wholesale cables in bulk is the most trending order on our website. These cables come in different colors, different lengths, and for different smartphones or other devices as required whether it may Android, Apple, or Type C.

The wholesale popsockets have more variations than ring holders, also there is a difference in shape. Although both are used to have a better grip on a device and can be used as a media stand as well. 

We provide a very simple customization process, you can simply select the product you need to customize and upload the image that you want on the product.

Yes, you can customize selected products out of the wholesale collection.

For example: if you want to buy our wholesale popsockets in bulk, then you can customize a few of the items from the wholesale popsocket collection and buy the rest as it is.