Custom Graduation Stoles

Celebrate your achievements in a more meaningful way. As you now stand on the brink of completing your academic journey, we present to you our graduation stole, also known as a scarf for graduation. They will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. They are more than just an accessory, they represent your academic success and your personal growth throughout this time.

These custom graduation stoles are also a great option for gift stores that are looking for something customizable. They are the emblem of success and that makes them an attractive product to sell. That’s not it, if you are looking to make a bulk order, you will also find the best wholesale price with us online. This is simply to boost your sales and you can further personalize them as well for a particular audience as per their requirement.


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Enjoy our premium custom graduation stoles with the lowest price guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Stole Sizes Do You Offer?

We offer three sizes including 31 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. These sizes will be perfect for any and every individual.

2. Can I Personalize Two Different Graduation Stoles in One Order?

We allow our customers to combine two or more custom orders and enjoy the best wholesale prices on their complete orders.

3. How Many Kinds of Custom Graduation Stole Do You Offer?

We want our customers to enjoy their special day with something personalized just for them and so you will find classic and angled stole in our collection and also get the option to add trim to them.

4. When Will I Receive My Stole?

Once you place an order with us, we will take 5-7 business days for production, and depending on your shipping, you will receive your order.

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Explore Our Premium Graduation Stole Collection

Our premium custom graduation stoles are crafted with exquisite detail to add to your special day. Our stole will be a part of your life and make this significant moment more memorable. Our premium quality and design will elegantly drape over your shoulder and highlight your academic achievement and create a special aura that will just be yours.

These scarf for graduation can give a completely different look to your whole attire. Our graduation stole collection offers different designs and different looks. We have the simple classic stole and the trim stole along with the angled stole. They are available in multiple colors for you to match the graduation theme or your college colors. You will also find them in different sizes that include 31 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. Our graduation stole will be fit for all and create a personalized aura for that individual. They are also available at the best wholesale prices for bulk orders.


Personalize Graduation Stole For A Memorable Milestone

Imagine our blank graduation stole as a blank slate, and print your own story. It offers you an opportunity to create something that will last forever. A memory that will be precious even when you are 50. Highlight your academic achievement with us and get the best custom graduation stole to celebrate this milestone.

We offer multiple kinds of graduation sash according to the trending style. Whether you are looking to create something in bulk or simply a few. We can personalize it according to your requirement. Create something that represents your dedication and resilience to get through the line.

We also supply to gift stores, high schools, and colleges who are generally looking for custom graduation stole. Use your innovative ideas and get the stole you desire. Make it more memorable and unique with your college crest on one side and custom text on another. These can be the student department and course year or anything you’d like to make the day special for your students.