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A very portable product and multipurpose for cars. The USB car charger is a very innovative product that allows phone charging at any moment in a car. These USB car chargers come in multiple colors and not only this we also have a dual USB car charger that means at a particular time 2 devices can be charged. This wholesale USB car charger could be one of the best bargains on our website. Our direct factory shipping enables us to provide the best wholesale price.

2.6A 4 USB Port Square Aluminum Alloy USB Car Charger in Wholesale

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Multi Color Aluminum Alloy Dual Port 5V-3.1A USB Bulk Car Charger

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QC3.0 Alloy Body Dual USB Wholesale Car Charger

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Qc3.0 USB 4 Port Fast Car Charger Adapter in Wholesale

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2.1A Dual USB Port Car Chargers in Wholesale With All Standard Ports

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2 Slots 2A USB Portable Phone Chargers in Bulk For Car

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Wholesale Travel USB Adapters 5V1A Output For Car

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18W USB PD Car Chargers in Wholesale

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A car phone charger keeps the phone charged while traveling long-distance. Sometimes it might happen that charging of the phone ruined out while traveling for long-distance, so using a car charger can be a great option. There are Dual Car Charger that is compatible with most of the Standard Cigarette Lighter Ports. The material used to manufacture this car charger is ABS and it is environment friendly. Get USB car charging blocks in bulk from that will provide a valuable price as well as directly from the factory.

Preventions while using a car charger

  • Avoid car battery drainage. It is possible by removing the charger as soon as the phone is charged. 
  • Make sure to buy a car charger that is compatible with all the devices. 
  • Charging of the phone must be not done continuously even after once the phone is charged completely. 
  • As some of the phones are slow to charge, switching off the phone and charging can charge the phone faster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are car chargers bad for the car?

Yes, sometimes it can drain the car battery. So, make sure to unplug the charger to save the car battery.

2. Is it possible to charge the phone while the car is off?

It is possible to do so, but It will drain the battery of the car.

3. Are cigarette lighter chargers safe?

Are cigarette lighter chargers provide 12V hence they are safer than the traditional car charger.