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A car phone holder can be an indispensable phone accessory. Data Says 95% of car users have a Car phone holder to have a hassle-free driving experience. Here at, we offer AC mount car phone holder, Magnetic car phone holder, Dashboard car phone holder, CD mount Car phone holder, Headrest Car phone holder, & Windscreen Car phone holder. You can browse through ShopSavvy’s phone holder collection to see all the variety of car phone holders & other phone accessories.


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Our Best Collection of Car Phone Holder

We intend to provide quality products at wholesale prices. We make this possible by directly shipping the products from the factory & delivering them to your doorstep. Before you choose a car phone holder you should know about our collection and its purpose to understand yours.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder – It grips the metal plate under your phone case. You can buy the back cover with a metal ring & you can use the magnetic car phone holder in your car. 

Dashboard Car Phone Holder – There are two options for this kind. With suction and With clip, both prove to be a good option depending on your need and car space.

AC mount Car Phone Holder – Ac Vent Car phone holder comes with non-slip grips. This helps the car phone holder to mount on the Air conditioner vent. Although this does not work with circular AC vents.

CD mount Car Phone Holder – The CD mount car phone holder can be fixed directly into the CD mount. It also comes with various options. You can get a magnetic CD mount holder, wireless CD mount car phone holder, & many other options. 

Windscreen Car Phone Holder – The windscreen car phone holder mounts on the windshield with the help of suction. It has a strong grip & it is not a permanent fixture you can change the positions later if you’d like. 

Headrest Car Phone Holder – This Headrest is helpful for passengers sitting at the back of the car. It can hold phones & tablets and can be extended up to 8 inches.

What To Consider Before Buying Wholesale Car Phone Holder?

Buying wholesale means getting the best price and that is a common factor and must always be considered. Other factors are the market need, meaning what is in demand at the moment in the market and the quality of the product, a good premium quality will always be in demand. Lastly, the type of car phone holder. Choosing the best car phone holder according to the need is important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place for your car phone holder?

If you want to place the car phone holder then you should place it above the dashboard or in line with the dashboard.

How Much Weight Can a Car Phone Holder Hold?

The car phone holder can hold up to 600 grams, but it is not recommended to put that much weight on the car phone holder.

How do you remove a dashboard car phone holder?

Yes, you can remove the suction cup; it is not a permanent fixture. You just have to release the suction & take the phone holder off.

Is a magnetic car phone holder safe for phones?

Yes, the magnetic car phone holders are safe and it does not harm your phone. You can buy the Metal ring phone case & you can easily place it in the magnetic car phone holder.