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Excellent quality

I love the pop sockets. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and the artwork isn’t coming off at all. 3M backing. I just wish they had white in stock (I’m not a huge fan of the gray).

Perfect Color

Good color options to select from. Loved the beautiful color.

Thank you Deandre for Loving the Product.

So Far very good!

I am selling the product from 3 months but no complain from the buyers. Thanks to the amazing product.

Thank You Zackary Thank you for the feedback!


Perfect popsockets for phone handling

Thank you derek for love

Just like the picture

Product is same as shown in picture and got many orders from customers

Thank you stela for love

Like colors

Color option are amazing i ordered in bulk thanks

Thank you for appriciate product

High grade material

High-grade material used for the product. My customers were loving the product.

Thank you Van for Loving the Product.

Fast delivery

I ordered and need it earlier. Thank you for fast delivery option.

Thank you Lemuel for appreciation.

Strong Hold

The popsocket has got good hold on every type of phone, but use it carefully.

Thank You Benny for your response!


Helps with grip for taking pictures and texting. Thank you for best product.

Thank you Luther for Appreciating the product.

Cute design

Cute design and customers liked it a lot

Thank you unity

Helpful and Strong

This Popsocket helps in many ways such as provide proper grip to the phone, allows to take better selies and many more.

Thank You Rigoberto for appreciation!

Strong Hold

The popsocket has got good hold different type of phone and phone case. Thank you

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looks Cute!

Cute product and good quality

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Quality and sturdy

Great quality and sturdy when applied

Thank you carl

Good product

Good product perfect!

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Fashionable, easy to use and handy

easy to use and unique style of popsocket with customer satisfaction

Thank you teri

Excellent Grip

Provides great grip to the phone and protects from falling off. Customers were really Happy.

Thank you Mitch for Love.

Loved It

Gets the job done well at the best price. Loved It.

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Quality Product!

Best Quality product with good range ordering this product 3rd time with love

Thank you catherine for review

Nice Holding

Holdings are very good in design and color customers gets happy with products and i am ordering 5th time.

Thank you for appriciation

Performs Well

The popsockets have amazing stickiness and does not fall off easily. Performs well and hold the phone tightly.

Thank You Cyrus for your response!

Simply Awesome

Worth buying. Great value for money. Nice Product.

Thank you Guadalupe for Loving the product.

Girls love it

As retailer i usually sell products that girls buy and gets happy with it

Thank you for love product

Grip is perfect

Product can handle any phone very easiliy and quick to use

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