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Quick Shipping

The best thing that I like is the shipping time. The product just arrived within 4 days of purchase due to express delivery.

Thank you Rhea for appreciating our delivery service!

No complain

No complaint at all regarding the product. My customers loved the product and happy with the purchase. Thank you!

Thank you Xzavier for liking the product!

Attractive charger

As a Retailer, I just want to say that this charger is quite attractive as it has a variety of colors. The customer likes various color options and demands more.

Thank you Nora for your positive response!!!

Compact design

Compact design! Easily fits in the wall!! Amazing quality!!!

Thank you Colton!

Simple & Fast

Amazing speed! It charges my phone super faster than the one that I have got with my phone.

Thank you B.Nova for loving the product!

Excellent product

This is a great charger at the best value. Includes a solid build quality that charges my phone speedily.

Thank you Meggie for great appreciation!

Long Lasting

Made from high-grade material. Last for a long time. Thank You!!

Thank you G.Tony for loving our product!!

Value for money

It is worth we are paying. I bought it wholesale to sell at my shop. I got at an amazing price for the best quality product. Thank you.

Thank you Aubrey for your appreciation!


The cable I used earlier is failing when we fold it. These cables are easy to fold and flexible in nature.

Thank you Ryan for loving the product!


Customers love to get various colors for the Popsockets, Thanks for providing such amazing color options.

Thank you John Scott for Love!


Cheaper but with the best quality! Loved the value!!

Thank you Harvey for love!

Fantastic Quality

The delivery was made in superb condition and the quality of all the products was very good.

Hey Jona, thank you for loving our product!

Five-star product

The Best thing, I would give five star rating. Just amazing product increased by sales.

Thank you NCmom for Love!

Amazed !!

Super Delivery and excellent product.

Thank you Chris for appreciating the product!!

Pretty and Sturdy

The product is quite sturdy and customers are loving it. My sales have gone up.

Thank you Muhammad!

Super charge speed!!

Customers are in love with the product due to its affordable prices and fast charging speed.

Thank you H Heimer!

Best overall

Best value for money! Great transmission range!! Best quality!!!

Thank you Dixie!

Amazing cable

Excellent quality!!! Long enough!! Works well!

Thank you Nancy for appreciating the product!

Brilliant Product !!

The superglue got stuck to my new phone also. Great !! Super fast delivery

Thank you David Thomas for loving the product!


Travel-friendly cables! Easy to carry!!! Charges fast!

Thank you Blance for your Love!!!

Unbeatable product

Just an amazing product that is unbeatable. Great quality works same as the regular one.

Thank you Minna for Loving the product!!

Thumbs Up

Go for it,you will love it.

Hey Ava, thank you for appreciation!!

Best customer service

The customer service provided by the seller is just amazing. Thanks for your best response.

Thank you Tom for appreciating the service!

Perfect and Sturdy

The hold is great and superior quality material.

Thank you Joseph Harris for appreciation!

Excellent purchase

All my products got delivered very fast and in very good condition.

Thank you Chloe for appreciating the product!