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Fetured coaster

We at Shopsavvy create beautiful as well as functional promotional items and one such trending product is our custom coasters. One of the overlooked elements of home decor, which can also be very much functional as a branding tool. We create some beautiful custom drink coasters for our customers and they also get to be creative with customization as per their requirements. You can also place custom coaster bulk orders with us at the best wholesale prices.


Avail free setup on every custom product purchase at shopsavvy.


Enjoy the best wholesale price guarantee throughout all our categories.


With our factory direct supply, you get superior quality products at no time.

How To Place an Order with us?

Our custom coasters are one of our most popular products. We are determined to help every customer get one for themselves. Here is how you can create your own custom coasters with us.

When you choose to customize:

  1. Select our custom coasters
  2. Choose your desired color
  3. Upload your artwork (800x800)
  4. Type in any special instructions if you’d like
  5. Choose your order quantity
  6. Add to your cart
  7. Lastly, proceed to checkout.

Note: We will then get back to you with your order confirmation and a FREE digital mock-up of your Custom order. Only after your confirmation, will we proceed with the production.

Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Coaster shape and size do you offer?

Our wide range of coasters includes shapes like round, square, and even rectangle. We generally have the 3.5” and 4” size in square and round and 3 7/8” x 5 3/8” in rectangle depending on the product.

2. Do you print both sides of a coaster?

Yes! We do print both sides but double-sided printing is only possible on paper and pulpboard coasters.

3. Do you print photos on coasters?

Yes! We provide custom coasters photo print as well. All you need to do is upload your photo while ordering with us and we will get in touch with you and finalize a look that you like.

4. How will custom coasters in bulk will be beneficial?

The foremost benefit is that you will get the best and lowest prices on bulk orders and in addition, it not just only protects your furniture from condensation, it can also become your marketing tool to boost your brand image.

Custom Coasters - FAQs-Final

Find The Best Coaster Material For You!

Material plays a vital role and as per the requirement of our customer, we have multiple material options. Each of which has its own benefits and to find you the best coaster material, here is what you should know:

  1. Cork Coasters: A great coaster to absorb condensation while providing a steady grip on any surface.
  2. Paper Coasters: A great cost-effective option that also absorbs condensations from your drink glasses or can to protect your furniture.
  3. Pulp Board Coasters: A durable choice as it maintains its shape even after frequent use, along with its excellent ability to absorb liquid.
  4. Silicon Coasters: A very flexible coaster that won’t stick to any material, especially glass. It's very durable and easy to clean after use.

Custom Coasters To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Not just a pretty little home decor! Looking for a unique brand promotion that is also effective? Why not go for our custom coasters with logos, pictures, or even texts? Choose your way to customize it and make it a great promotion tool for your next business fair, expo, or trade show. An ideal way to showcase your brand message. It is also seen that coasters with logos have a strong brand recall when offered as a giveaway or a gift.

Personalized Coasters For Your Special Event

Whether you are planning a business event, a dinner party, or just a simple party at your house, a personalized coaster will always stand unique. It is not just beautiful but also a functional item that basically protects your furniture from condensation and water rings from your drinks. You can also gift custom coasters set at a wedding or a housewarming party.

We Have Something For Everyone!

Our custom coasters are for everyone, whether you are looking to promote the brand, protect the furniture, or looking to use the coaster as a part of the decor for an occasion. We have something for everyone. Our coasters are versatile and will provide you with functional and promotional benefits. Get creative with your branding idea and our design team will help you at every step of the way to get the best outcome for your custom coasters.

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