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We are a factory direct supplier online for custom Popsockets in bulk with the best price guarantee. As we are a direct factory supplier we provide wholesale Popsockets at best and the lowest price possible. We are determined to provide high-quality products and timely services to meet and go beyond your expectations. Using a Popsocket is easy. You simply need to attach the Popsocket at the back of your phone according to your suitable grip and start using it.


Avail free setup on every custom product purchase at shopsavvy.


Enjoy the best wholesale price guarantee throughout all our categories.


With our factory direct supply, you get superior quality products at no time.

What Benefits Do Custom Popsockets Can Provide?

Custom wholesale Popsockets can be beneficial to you as a promotional product for your brand or just as a retail product. A high-quality Popsocket can stick to a phone for a longer period which will be beneficial when you have promoted your business through a custom logo Popsocket which can be given as:

  • A token for all guests in a company event.
  • A gift to company visitors or potential investors.
  • A token to your employees at the time of joining
  • Custom logo pop socket can be shared on the company’s social media

All these are ways you can promote your brand. Shopsavvy focuses on high-quality products and that is possible through the best quality raw material. We are also determined to provide 100% customer satisfaction through our flawless services. We give our customers the best price guarantee as well

How To Place An Order With Us?

Popsocket can be very helpful and customizing a Popsocket gives your business another set of advantages. We at Shopsavvy are determined to ease any and all processes for our users. Customizing a Popsocket has never been easier. Here are the steps you must follow to create your own custom Popsockets

  1. Choose the product from our wide range of wholesale phone accessories.
  2. Choose the colour and packaging you would like.
  3. Select the quantity of your order.
  4. Click on “Upload your design” which will take you to our customization tool.
  5. You can either add a custom image (800×800) or text.
  6. Using our tool you can set the image size, and change text fonts/colour.
  7. Once you are sure of your choice, you can preview it and then submit it.
  8. We will review the order and the design.
  9. Finally, we will create a mock-up and send it to you for your approval.

We will ensure your order is processed smoothly and only after your confirmation of our mockup through the mail, we will proceed with the order and you won’t be in a mystery of how your custom Popsockets will look like.

Note: We will provide a mock-up for every custom Popsocket order. Once it is confirmed by the customer, only then we will process the order ahead.

1. How many color options do you have for a custom popsocket?

We provide multiple color options. We will also match colors according to your customization requirement.

2. Is there any additional cost for customization?

No, we do not charge any extra cost for customization, although there will be a minimum order quantity for customized popsocket.

3. How many days does it take for a custom popsocket to deliver?

Customized popsocket takes the additional shipping time of 2-5 days.

4. What kind of print do you use for customization?

We use Laser print for our customization but also accept orders for embossed printing. For which you need to contact us.

5. Do you offer customized resin popsocket?

Yes, we do offer customized resin popsocket on special requests. You can contact us for your inquiry.

6. How does order quantity discount work?

Our order discounts are directly related to the quantity ordered. The higher the quantity, the more discount you will be offered. You can not merge the quantity of 2 different orders to get an added discount.

7. Why choose for buying wholesale Popsockets?

We sell Popsockets and other mobile phone accessories at extremely low prices compared to any other wholesaler on the Internet. Hence, choosing us can help you save more.