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One of our trending products, we sell popsockets in bulk. This product can be attached to the back of the phone on a plain surface. Using popsocket, a phone can be held with one hand alone and can also be turned into a media stand.

Here you will see Black & White Plain Blank Popsockets. We also provide Customized popsockets & you can get your desired design on the popsocket. Moreover, we have Wooden design popsockets, Plain colorful popsockets, Aluminum Popsockets, Metal Disc Popsockets, etc. They come in multiple colors and with a repositionable gel, that sticks the popsocket to a device.

Bulk Custom Popsockets In Wholesale [High Quality & Lowest Price]

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Electroplated Round Phone Ring Holder With Mirror Finish

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Luxury 360 Degree Multi-Color Ring Holder in Bulk

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Bulk Cat Face Ring Holders With Thick Ring Buckle

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How To Apply a Popsocket?

It is simple to apply a Popsocket to your phone. You just have to follow the steps that are mentioned below. Following these steps will help you to apply it easily. 

  1. First of all, to expose the adhesive side you have to peel the liner off the disk. 
  2. Now, you have to apply the adhesive side to your phone case or back of your phone. 
  3. At last, you have to remove the plastic from the Popsocket grip and must place it in the center of the disk. 

How Much Weight Can PopSockets Hold?

This is an important thing to know, that is how much weight can be held by the Popsocket? On average, a Popsocket can hold on weight up to three pounds of sand.

How Can I Tell if a PopSocket is Fake?

Many retailers are selling fake Popsocket. They do not provide you proper quality as the authentic Popsockets. You must take a look at the below signs to know whether your Popsocket is real or fake. Above all the things mentioned below, make sure to see the brand. 

  • Back Sticker – The real Popsocket always comes with a real sticker, hence if you find an unclear sticker or sticker with 3m then your Popsocket is fake. 
  • A fake Popsocket can become flimsy and can collapse when you will use it as a stand. 
  • The Pop – They acquire the name as they are POP when extended. So, if your Popsocket is not making noise, it’s a knockoff. 
  • The Stickiness – The Popsockets are made up of special gel and hence you can use them again. If your Popsocket is made of double-sided tape they can be used only once and so they are fake. 
  • Price – Most of the Authentic Popsockets costs around $15 a piece. If you are buying a cheaper Popsocket than this then it can be fake. 

Can I Reuse My PopSockets?

Yes, you can use your Popsockets again after removing them, as the Popsockets are reusable. As told above, that Popsockets are made up of special gel and hence you can use it again and again for some uses. If the gel is not sticking after removing it, then try to wet that and again use it. It must be noted that you should not keep your Popsocket out for 15 minutes or else it might become dry. 

How Do You Remove a PopSocket?

As you know that Popsockets are reusable so they can be removed easily. You have to peel down the disk slowly for removing your Popsocket from your Phone or Phone case. You must not pull the grip directly. If the technique mentioned above does not work, you must try to remove it using dental floss. 

Why Won’t My PopSocket Stay On?

Certain things might create trouble while we stick the Popsocket to the phone or phone case. If it happens to you then you must rinse it in water and allow it to dry for 10 mins. Make sure to dry only for 10 minutes and not 15 minutes. Apply it back to your phone by drying it for 10 minutes. If this trick is not working then make sure to submit a ticket to their website. You must also make sure that it will not stick sometimes on every surface they are placed on. Following are the things where the pop socket won’t stick. 

  • iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max models without a suitable phone case
  • Silicone phone cases
  • Leather phone cases
  • Phone cases made from soft surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

1. For what a Pop Socket is used for?

Pop Socket is a small plastic circle that you can use by sticking it to your Phone. It helps to maintain the grip of your phone, and also supports your phone.

2. Can we remove the Pop socket and use it again?

You can reuse your Pop Socket after removing it, but make sure to attach it within 15 minutes.

3. Can you super glue a pop socket on?

Popsockets are reusable and if you use a glue gun then it can damage your phone case.

4. What Are the Different Types of PopSockets?

Here, are some of the types of pop sockets, PopSocket grip stand, PopSocket with mount, Diamond PopSocket, PopSocket with smart wallet, Mini PopSockets, Wood PopSocket Aluminum PopSocket, Leather PopSocket