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One of our trending products, we sell popsockets in bulk. This product can be attached to the back of the phone on a plain surface. Using popsocket, a phone can be held with one hand alone and can also be turned into a media stand.

Here you will see Black & White Plain Blank Popsockets. We also provide Customized popsockets & you can get your desired design on the popsocket. Moreover, we have Wooden design popsockets, Plain colorful popsockets, Aluminum Popsockets, Metal Disc Popsockets, etc. They come in multiple colors and with a repositionable gel, that sticks the popsocket to a device.

Bulk Custom Popsockets In Wholesale [High Quality & Lowest Price]

As Low As $0.58

3D Colorful Transparent Gemstone Popsockets in Wholesale

As Low As $1.09

Beautiful Retro Pearl Design Popsockets For Girls

As Low As $1.51

Classy Colored Transparent Blank Popsockets

As Low As $0.82

Wholesale Premium Popsockets Epoxy Gold Foil

As Low As $0.94

Magnetic 360° Rotating Custom Ring Holder

As Low As $0.84

Invisible Multiple Design Transparent Acrylic Ring Holder

As Low As $0.85

360° Rotating Heart Shaped Custom Popsockets

As Low As $0.94

Wholesale Popsocket With Shiny Transparent Bubble Glitter

As Low As $1.19

Popsockets are very much in demand at the moment and are a multi-purpose product. We at shopsavvy provide bulk popsocket with the best prices guarantee and are determined to match our excellent product with our 100% customer satisfaction service. We also provide other options in popsocket that include blank popsockets, and custom popsockets.

Why Buy Bulk PopSocket From Us?

Nowadays the trend is of bigger phones and that makes it pretty difficult for us to operate our phones. Popsockets are a great solution to this problem. Phones can be heavier and the popsocket needs to be high quality to bear the weight of the phone at all angles. We at Shopsavvy understand that and are focused on creating high-quality bulk popsocket at wholesale price. 

Buying popsocket in bulk from us can certainly give you a few advantages. These advantages can be that you get wholesale prices and we provide the best price guarantee with our products. This helps you to save money on your orders. Another advantage is we supply our products directly from the factory which means no middle man and you get the best of quality. Lastly, we provide customer support 24×7.

How to Apply a PopSocket?

Applying a popsocket is not tough, It is necessary that you apply the popsocket correctly on the first try. If you are about to apply it for the first time, then the steps below will be of great help:

  1. Peel off the sheet from the adhesive side of the popsocket.
  2. Now, judge the placement of the popsocket and stick the adhesive side on the back of your phone. (Generally, popsocket are placed at the center)
  3. Leave it to dry for a minute and it is ready to be used.

Can I Reuse My PopSockets?

Yes, you can reuse your Popsockets as well. Not all popsockets have great adhesive power but those which do can be easily reused. They are made up of special gel that gives a strong grip. At times, re-using the popsocket can get difficult. In that case, one of the tips is to wet the adhesive part a bit and then use it. Place your popsocket and let it dry for a minute.

Note: You may face difficulty in applying popsocket on some specific phone cases. The adhesive that sticks the popsocket to the phone is not very effective on certain surfaces. These surfaces are silicone cases, leather cases, and any other softphone cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will there be any extra charge for shipping?

No, we don’t charge any extra charge on orders above $189.

2. What are the different types of PopSockets?

Here, are some of the types of popsockets we offer: PopSocket grip stand, PopSocket with mount, Diamond PopSocket, PopSocket with smart wallet, Mini PopSockets, Wood PopSocket Aluminum PopSocket, Leather PopSocket

3. How does order quantity discount work?

Our order discounts are directly related to the quantity ordered. The higher the quantity, the more discount you will be offered. You can not merge the quantity of 2 different orders to get an added discount.

4. Can I get a mock-up of my custom popsocket before it gets printed?

Yes, we understand there might be some doubt over the look of the customization you choose. Hence before processing any order, we provide a mock-up of the order through e-mail.

5. How do you provide such low prices compared to your competitors?

We are able to provide the best price guarantee because of our factory direct supply. This allows us in many ways to save money and give such low prices on all our products.