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Our wholesale micro-USB cable is for universal android devices, these cables are USB to micro-USB. We intend to provide high-quality products at the best price. Buying our cables in bulk is a cost-effective approach. Our motive is to provide differently and best quality micro-USB cables such as Braided, Nylon braided & Denim braided micro USB cables that are multi-functional.


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Micro USB cables are known to be a smaller, pocket-friendly version of the USB Cables. It is mostly used to connect smart devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, GPS devices, photo printers, and digital cameras. The Micro USB Cables come with various variants such as the micro-A, micro-B, and micro-B v3.0. The variants can be easily identified by looking at its pin, which is either 5 or 10. Due to its wide range of usage, it is also called universal cable. 

Why Buy Wholesale USB Cable?

A lot of factors need to be considered before you plan to buy bulk micro usb cables. Some of the most important factors that you must look for in a micro usb cable are its material, length, and speed of the cable.

  1. Material – The material can be either made up of fiber optics or copper. Twisted ones are mostly used for telecommunications and computer wiring. Coax Cables were used previously in old generation computers and fiber optics are highly used by telecommunication companies to provide a fast internet connection to the users. 
  2. Length – The more the length it’s better for you to use. But if only in a car then shorter ones would also serve the purpose. Mostly the length varies between 1-3 meters.
  3. Speed – Some regular USB cables have low speed so charging may take more time. Whereas the latest ones available are fast changing in nature.

When To Get A New Micro USB Charger?

A cable’s longevity depends on a number of factors like how it was used, and what it is made up of. A properly used micro USB charger would last, a few months more than the ones which are roughly used. Look for these signs before you buy yourself a new micro USB cable.

  1. Loose Connector – If the USB is not attaching properly with the mobile phone, and the charging is hampered.
  2. Slow Charging – If your phone is not charging at the same speed over time, then it’s time that you get a new cable for yourself.
  3. Wires out – Often the cable connection point can have wires coming out. Then it’s high time that you buy a new one and stop using the tampered one.
  4. Rust formation – If your cable has been in connection with water or has been rusted, then you should start searching for a new one to replace your old one.

How To Maintain Micro USB Cable?

A bit more attention and care can make your cable last longer than general usage. Please follow the below-mentioned guidelines to last your cable longer

  1. While plugging don’t just pull the cable out. Hold the adapter for more support and gently pull the cable out.
  2. Don’t wrap the cables often in a tight manner, you need to gently fold it and then store it. Try to use the hook and loops that come with the cable. Avoid using rubber bands as they often turn sticky and damage the cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all Micro USB cable same?

No, There are different types of Micro USB cables available in the market.

2. Do all micro USB cable transfer data?

Yes, mostly all of them help in charging as well as transferring data. But you must check the manufacturer's guide before you buy it.

3. What is a micro USB charging?

It is a miniature version of the USB cables and is used to charge compact devices.

4. Is it safe to buy micro usb cable bulk?

Yes. It is completely safe and you could also benefit from from best deals, free shipping, etc.