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Our best seller in recent times. Wireless earbuds are very comfortable and easy to carry everywhere you go. The high-tech 5.0 Bluetooth system attached with the wireless earbuds allows it to be compatible with a universal device. No matter whether it is an iPhone or an Android.

Here we are showcasing the best products such as Airpod Air Pro – 3rd Gen, Airpod i7s, Wireless 2nd Gen for iPhone & Android Devices. Not only these products you will see many more products in our top-selling list. We intend to improve every day and buying wholesale wireless earbuds in bulk from us could prove to a money-saving decision. We ship our products worldwide. 

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Tips To Pair The Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds must be paired with each other before pairing to the phone. Here are the steps you have to follow to pair the wireless earbuds. 

  • Both the earbuds must be “on” at the same time. You have to hold the button until the light flashes from red then blue. 
  • You have to double-press the button on One earbud once they both flash at the same time. 
  • The earbud will say “it’s connected” as soon as they are connected to each other. 
  • Now, you have to turn the Bluetooth of your phone. 
  • The name of the earbuds will be visible in the Bluetooth, select that. 
  • Now, your earbuds are paired.

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How To Use Earbuds The Right Way?

Tired of the earbuds that keep on falling from your ear? Then, you must learn the way to wear the earbuds in the right way. Some people have ears that won’t allow earbuds to fit perfectly. The best way to wear the earbuds is to wear them from behind so that the part of the chord is over your ear. So, make sure to wear this way to use it the right way. 

Difference Between Wired & Non-wired Earphones

What is the difference between wired and non-wired earphones? Wired earphones use a cable/wire for working whereas the non-wired earphones directly connect with the phone through Bluetooth. If you want to buy an earphone that does not have a long wire and chord then you must buy a wired earphone. Here are some of the points of difference between wired and non-wired earphones. 

  • Wired earbuds include long chords and wires whereas wireless does not have problems like long cords and wires. 
  • Wired earbuds directly connect with the help of wire whereas wireless uses Bluetooth to connect. 
  • Both the wireless and wired earbuds are compatible. 

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Tips To Increase Their Longevity?

Here are few tips to increase the longevity of wireless earbuds. 

  1. Never leave your wireless earbuds in the hot and cold car. 
  2. Unplug the cable once they are charged fully. 
  3. Consider the capacity of the battery while buying the wireless earbuds. 
  4. You must clean it regularly. 
  5. Have the right storage for your earbuds. 
  6. You must not charge it for more time close to charging once fully charged. 

How Long Does The Wireless Earbud’s Battery Last?

Most of the wireless earbuds can run on average for 6 hours since once charged. Bluetooth earbuds are having shorter battery life. Once you charge the earbuds fully the battery can work for an average of 6 hours in maximum earbuds. So, you have to charge it for further use. 

Latest Technology For Earbuds

There are many changes that took place in the new technology of wireless earbuds. Here are the changes in new technology. 

  • Bluetooth codec, called LDAC is developed. 
  • Now, the wireless earbuds are getting a long battery life. 
  • Active noise canceling is mostly used. 
  • It includes Virtual surround sound amplification
  • You can select waterproof earbuds. 
  • Wireless technology prevents and frees you from the wires.

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1. What is the average battery life of earbuds?

Most of the earbuds last up to 5 to 8 hours.

2. Is it bad to wear earbuds for a long time?

Yes, if you are turning the volume at the highest level and using your earbuds for a long time, then it can damage your ears.

3. How much volume must be kept for earbuds to protect our ears?

Keep your voice lower than 60 to 85 decibels for minimizing the effect of earbuds.

4. What precautions must be taken to prevent your ears while using Earbuds?

Here are some of the things that you have to consider to prevent your ears, 1. It is recommended to use noise-canceling earbuds. 2. Put your volume in control.