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We intend to adapt to the change and keep updating our wide range of collections. In our collection, you will find all the latest trending phone cases. We offer Soft Liquid Silicone Phone Case, Magnetic phone cases, Wallet Phone Case, Shockproof bumper cases, etc. Our primary motive is to provide best quality products to our customers at the best wholesale prices. We can justify our low prices because we directly ship our products from the factory & we deliver them worldwide to your doorstep.

Liquid Silicone Soft Phone Case With Card Holder

As Low As $2.44

PU Leather Crazy Horse Pattern Phone Case With Multi Card Holders

As Low As $4.09

Chic Marble Gold Foil Soft Silicone Protective Phone Case

As Low As $2.04

Transparent Cute Soft shell protective TPU Heart Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.74

Four Corners Anti-Drop TPU Bracket Wrist Strap Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.84

Cute Shiny Gradient Glitter Anti-Clogging Soft Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.59

Multicolor Hearts Love Embossed Flowers Anti-Fall Wholesale Phone Case

As Low As $2.64

Fashion Barcode Labels Silicone TPU Phone Case

As Low As $1.54

Electroplating Solid Color Magnetic Ring Protective Wholesale Phone Case

As Low As $2.89

Transparent Glitter TPU Soft Silicone Shockproof Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.44

Dragon Pattern Skin-Feel Transparent Protective Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.49

Transparent Glitter Candy Acrylic Soft Shockproof Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.64

Luxury Electroplated TPU Transparent Silicone Phone Cases In Wholesale

As Low As $1.84

Four-Corner Anti-Drop Transparent Plain Silicone wholesale phone cases

As Low As $1.89

Original Pure Color Liquid Silicone Protective Wholesale Phone Cases

As Low As $1.89

Transparent Wholesale iPhone Case with Sliding Lens Protection

As Low As $1.64

Straight Edge Protective Bulk iPhone Soft Case

As Low As $1.39

Anti-fall Wholesale iPhone 11 & 12 Case With Lens Protective

As Low As $1.29

Multicolor Silicone Blank iPhone 11 Case In Wholesale

As Low As $1.39

What Type of Phone Cases Do We Offer? was created to become the go to place for best quality material with a wide range of product collection. Be it any smartphone, we are here to provide the best wholesale phone cases. Buying phone cases in bulk from provides ease in shopping with no interruption or long filing process. Let us move on to take a look at our collection of best phone cases.

Smooth Case – It is made from polyurethane & polycarbonate materials, which is very suitable for printing. These cases also come in different color options, also known as plain solid color phone cases.  

Hard Cases – These cases are made from high quality abs & pc plastic, that protects the case from falls. It also comes in different color options, have a look in the hard case category to know more.

Soft Silicone Cases – These soft silicone cases are the most used cases in the market, it never gets old. It also comes with shockproof microfiber lining inside. These cases are very sleek & lightweight, it does not add any bulkiness to your phone.

Wallet Cases – The wallet cases are very helpful, these cases come with phone cases & pockets to hold cards or cash. It eliminates the use of an extra wallet, be hassle free & carry the wallet case with you. 

What To Consider Before Buying A Phone Case?

We all know how essential smartphones have become in our lives. It is an investment to make our lives better and to do multiple tasks with ease. This makes it very important for anyone to keep their smartphones as safe as possible. Buying the best phones also requires buying the best phone cases and here is what you should consider before you make your purchase.

  1. Fit: The correct cover will give a nice grip on the phone and no empty spaces mean the phone won’t just slip off from the hand.
  2. Quality: The ShopSavvy was created with an intention to make it a go-to place for quality phone accessories like phone cases.
  3. Durability: Good quality also assures durability. Along with that sturdiness is also a factor and checking that in a phone case.
  4. Design: ShopSavvy understands design of choice and therefore brings a wide variety of new designs that are trending and popular.
  5. Functionality: There are cases with almost no functionality and cases with multiple functionalities.
  6. Price: The common perception is that the better the price, the better the quality.

1. What will be the benefit of buying wholesale phone cases from us? offers the best wholesale price while not compromising with the quality of the case. Also, FREE shipping.

2. Which is the most trending phone case?

At the moment, we are heavily getting orders of silicone phone cases. They are durable, sleek, multi-color options and compatible with many smart phones.

3. Which material is used to make the Phone Cases?

Our wide range of phone cases are built from either of these materials that are Silicone, PU leather, Polyurethane Or Polycarbonate), ABS Material.

4. Is it possible to order different color phone cases at once?

Yes! You can order as many colors as you like all at once. You just need to add quantities and choose a color for those quantities and repeat the same for other colors.