20 Best Team Building Activities For Work To Strengthen Work Collaboration and Culture

Team Building Activities

Certainly, you know the worth of managing a team and collaborating with them. It takes high efforts to keep together the team members and bring them all on the same page. Whether you are a manager or a productive HR of a company, to initiate the step you must know team building activities for work.

Every company’s goal is to create a healthy, calm, and productive work environment. You should plan healthy & fun group activities which benefits the firm & even the employees enjoy it. The list of activities for work will help you gain more credibility. Check the points by going through this post.

What is Team Building At Work?

To convert the contributing employees into a cohesive team is team building at work. You can certainly build a team of five or ten but the management structure has to be impactful. To achieve that you can plan fun team building activities for work.

Team activities for work will benefit the organization in various ways. There are different workplace team building ideas that can be carried out by the manager or HR that can leave a positive impact on the firm.

effective team building activities

Team Building At Work Ideas

We have gathered some of the amazing team building at work ideas. You can use this idea and run an effective team. It will benefit you in various ways from achieving the same goal to managing the team smoothly. 

You can do that by going through the team building at work ideas that we have gathered below:

  • Plan different workplace activities for team building
  • Share different ideas and thoughts 
  • Plan a creative session
  • Play games and increase communication skills

The Goal of Team Building at Work

The success of every company is dependent on the understanding and stability amongst employees. Make sure every individual is aimed to achieve the same goal that benefits the organization. There are different team activities for work to benefit the firm.

Employees must understand each other’s work and fulfill the desired goal of the company together. Teamwork thus always pays off. Every firm should reap the benefits that come with planning a team activity which is either for a startup or a designated one. Check the following benefits that your firm gets while planning team building activities for work.

  • To increase the productivity level of employees
  • Employees can work with great motivation
  • Boosts the morale of all the working enthusiast
  • Improves the workplace collaboration
  • Provides positive reinforcement amongst employees
  • To improve the quality of work
  • The feeling of job satisfaction amongst employees of the firm
  • To increase individual communication skills and creativity

Which Team Building Activities Are For Work?

After coping with those tiring office schedules, every employee deserves some fun time. To overcome that the idea of team building activities for work helps. Every manager or HR of the company should ideate different ideas that help gain productivity along with effectiveness.

Plan activities by knowing the purpose. Make sure you know what is the reason behind a specific activity and what will be the outcome of the same can benefit the firm. It must have a core idea behind it.

Types of Team Building Activities for Work

Whether statistically or scientifically it is a proven fact that team-building activities leave a positive impact on employees’ minds. The best team building activities will gradually increase the creative skills of the employees & the firm will be benefited.

which team building activities

You might be confused about which activities you can include. We have listed out different types of team building activities for work. Those are

  • Outdoor team-building activities
  • Activities for remote team
  • In-office activities
  • Activities for large & small group

1. Outdoor Team Building Activities

To improve the interpersonal relationships amongst employees of your company it is a great idea to plan outdoor team building activities for work. It is proven that the organization will be benefited even if one of the employees is friends with another.

Some of the many outdoor activities we have listed out the best team building activities. Check the following:

a) Tree-planting Activity

tree planning team activity

By planning a tree-planting activity the employees learn how they can effectively start building up the work. Certainly, employees get an idea of how much effort a single plant plantation takes and what amount of sunlight and water it wants in the initial stage.

These facts help the employees to learn how they have to nurture their working ethics in the initial stage. How they have to take care of small things while working at a firm.

b) Boat Building Activity

A box boat building should be carried out at the beach. One of the most amazing outdoor team building activities for work. You can make two teams and ask them to make a cardboard boat.

This activity will improve the teamwork and they will know how to work with different ideas. Teamwork is the most essential part of this activity where employees can learn how they can make the boat functionally work without letting it sink.

c) Catapult Launchers

This is one of the other functionally important outdoor team building activities for work. Teammates have to collaborate and think fast to create a catapult from different materials. Using different materials of different natures is tough.

Catapult launcher is an activity that teaches the employees to adjust to different natures in the organization. It also trains the mind of an employee to deal with different clients.

d) Field Day 

A fresh day every once a month is important. It allows the employees to work with a free mind and clear thoughts the next day. Every firm must have a day off where they can take their employees on a field trip.

It will increase their knowledge and also get free time to communicate while taking freely. Communication skills increase along with which they get job satisfaction with a free time off.

e) Community Services

community services

You can plan a day out where the activity that you have planned for the employees is community services. It will be a fun yet fruitful activity from all the outdoor team building activities for work.

Certainly, community services will help the employees understand how they can help others by doing one small good deed. As well as they will understand how important it is to understand little nature of different people.

2. Team Building Activities For Small Groups & Large

It is important to stimulate better brainstorming ideas as well as to promote an inclusive atmosphere. The team activities for work and specifically small group activities increase communication skills, collaboration, and firm respect.

We have listed out a few unique and simple activities & team building games that you can carry out at work. Check the following team building activities for small groups.

a) Get to know your questions 

There’s always a possibility that you might don’t know the one with whom you are working. To know the individual and make your working style effective you must carry out this activity.

Make a list of questions for which each of the employees has to answer. It will help the firm employees to know each other better. It will make the work more interesting and effective.

b) A quiz

Plan a quiz with different questions and make it a fun activity. It will help employees clear their heads, think fast, and creatively to answer. It nourishes the brain and helps the employees brainstorm easily. 

c) Best out of Waste

marshmallow team activity

Collect the things which you no longer use in the office. You can make something out of the waste products and the one with the best thing wins.

Best out of waste is one of the most creative team building activities for work. It builds up new ideas and clears the mind while helping individuals to think outside the box.

d) Marshmallow Challenge

Managing a team must be a challenge itself but a marshmallow challenge as one of the team building activities for small groups can help you. It helps the teammates in decision-making and planning to take the next step.

The team has to play together and give separate ideas as a whole to make the biggest marshmallow tower.

e) Scavenger Hunt

Choose an item and hide it somewhere while you ask the employees to search. It will build up teamwork and help the employees think straight to achieve their goals.

3. Activities & Exercise for Remote Team Members

We have listed out fun activities which will also acknowledge the employees that they can easily learn new things. Companies can achieve credibility by planning simple team building activities for the remote team as well. Following are the team bonding activities for work.

a) Coffee Breaks

To bridge a communication gap between employees it is necessary to carry out coffee breaks. While the remote workers are not really into working statistics, free time with coffee results in one of the best team bonding activities for work. 

b) Share the Insights

You can certainly spread the knowledge and share different facts. An activity every day after work for 30 mins to 1 hour. This will help the employees rejuvenate their thought processes. 

c) Meetings With Lunch

A free atmosphere and allowing food while working is a great workplace team building activity. Managing a meeting as well as socializing with associates helps in problem-solving. 

d) Solve a riddle or a Puzzle

Encourage the associates to think out of the box and solve different riddles as well as puzzles. It creates a great room for brainstorming. 

e) Share a Story

When you ask your remote associates to share a story they will share different experiences. It will create communication and also build up their self-speaking confidence. 

4. Indoor Team Bonding Activities

Several in-office team bonding games are fun to do and can benefit the organization. Associates can enjoy and learn at the same time from the team building activities for work. Following are the team activities or fun team bonding ideas for work:

paperchains team building

a) Paper Chains

Paper chain is a fun activity in which all large and small groups can participate. Employees have to answer several different questions related to problem-solving.  

b) Office Escape 

A room full of challenges and problem-solving that helps you to critically think about the solutions. It is one of the most helpful & fun team building activities for small groups as well as large ones. 

c) Drawing Blindly

The most expressive activity of indoor team building activities for work is blind drawing. The teammates direct the candidate and accordingly, the individual has to draw with a blindfold on their eyes. 

d) Werewolf

A simple team bonding game is also one of the fun team building activities. Werewolf is a card game where employees can improve their critical thinking along with discussing with the group. 

e) Shout Outs

To boost the positivity and appreciation of others in the room, this game helps a lot. You have to call out the achievements of yourself as well as of your colleague. This activity will not even affect the productivity of the employees. 

Virtual Team Building activities

By focusing on building up communication skills as well as collaboration, virtual team building activities are necessary. For all online employees to work effectively in the firm, it is important to build up various fun team building activities online.

remote team building activity

Check the list below to know which virtual team building activities work for all. 

  • Bingo for virtual team building
  • Easy Ice breakers 
  • Blackout Truth or Dare
  • Sharing stories and situations

Even if the employees are following the rules and working online, the team building activities online will help create effectiveness. You certainly can know more about virtual team building activities.

Benefits of Team Building Activities for Work

If you are still skeptical about team building activities for work then you can go through the following points. These points explain the benefits of fun team building activities.

  • Boosts the engagement of employees in the firm
  • Associates get used to working in a team and improve communication
  • Most likely to identify & develop leadership skills
  • The team building activities for small groups & large help to reinforce the company culture

To Conclude

You will need to reinforce the relationship of employees with effective & fun team building activities for work. You can naturally have a team that meshes along although you will need certain group activities & office games or team games to satisfy the employees’ various expectations.


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