Best Alternative Uses For Koozies and Can Coolers For Your Everyday Use

Best Alternative Uses For Koozies

One of the best things about a koozie is that you can use it even after it wears out and fails to perform its primary task which is to keep your drinks cold/hot. There are many best alternative uses for koozies. You will be surprised to know the ways koozies can be helpful for a different home or office projects. 

14 Best Smart Alternative Uses For Koozies

If you have extra old can coolers in your closet stashed like there is no use, here are some incredible ideas that can blow your mind. These little helpers can be used in your house, kitchen, car, and many more places.

1. Storage Holders

We all struggle to keep small items like pencils, pens, erasers, and coins in a convenient place where we can find them easily. Koozies are a really good storage option for that. Use koozies to organize your drawer with these items so that next time you can find them easily.

Koozies as Storage holder

2. Store Glass Ornament

We all love different ornaments on Christmas trees but once Xmas is over it’s a whole new story to keep them safe as they are delicate and can easily break. Good thing is that the cushioning of foam and neoprene koozies makes them the perfect ornament holder. You can safely protect ornaments inside koozies and store them all inside a box.

3. Remove Hot Light Bulb

The next time you want to remove a hot bulb, use a koozie to place over the bulb, remove it securely and keep it secured by the koozie until it comes down to normal temperature. 

4. Camera Lenses Protector

If you are outside on a beach with your camera and drink, a koozie will not only keep the beer ice cold but you can also tuck your camera lens inside the koozie for extra protection from the sand.

Koozies Camera Lense Protector

5. Protect Glass Items When Moving

Moving could be extra difficult when you have lots of glass items. You can put drinking glasses and other small breakable items inside the koozie and make sure there is no damage when moving.

6. Use as a Smudge Protector when Drawing

Another alternative uses of koozies can be to prevent smudges over your drawing. Koozies can be a great tool for it. Simply cut a small circle on the koozie where your thumb can get through and wear it on your hand to prevent your drawing or hand from getting messy. 

7. Shaving Cream Holder

It is convenient to have your shaving cream can in the shower but people avoid it as it can cause rust rings. You can easily avoid this by placing the shaving can inside a koozie. Now, there is no need to waste your time scrubbing away rust rings.

8. Prevent Fruit from Bruising

If you are someone who brings fruits like apples, oranges, and pears to work for a quick snack then koozies are excellent to protect them from bruises. No one likes eating bruised fruits and you’ll surely love how amazing job a koozie does of protecting the fruit.

Koozies prevents fruits from bruising

9. Earring or Pin Holder

Earrings and pins are difficult to keep track of and can be dangerous if falls in the wrong hands. You can poke earrings and pins into a koozie to keep them in a secure place away from children. A really great way to use old koozies that aren’t working that well anymore.  

10. Place in Vehicle Cup Holder

One handy way you can use a koozie is by placing it in your vehicle cup holder. No one likes cleaning cup holders every time after putting drinks in there. A koozie will prevent the cupholders from moisture and keep them dry. Also, you can put a koozie on your vehicle’s gear shift to prevent it from the sun.

11. Make Adorable Ornaments & Crafts

Parents can give their kids old koozies and let them create adorable Christmas ornaments or Halloween crafts. A good way to let your child’s imagination grow.

12. Furniture Moving Pads

While moving furniture, there is no bigger regret than scratching your own floors. The good news is koozies can be a great help. Next time when you’re cleaning or just rearranging the room, put koozies under the feet of heavy furniture and it will prevent floors from getting damaged.

13. Pot Holder in Kitchen

Koozies are also a great kitchen accessory as you can hold hot pots. Especially thick and flexible foam koozies work really well to hold pots and oven pans without feeling a thing.

Koozie pot holder

14. Turn it into a Bottle Holder

If you love jogging then you are in for a great surprise. It’s easy to convert your koozies into a bottle holder. First, cut off the bottom portion of the koozie. Fold it in half and cut out a rectangle shape. Put the bottle inside the koozie and wear it in your hand. You’re ready for the jog.

Aren’t Koozies Versatile?

Who knew that even old and used koozies that fail to keep beverages cold could be so much useful in different ways? Besides keeping beverages cold during hot summers, they are good storage options for different items at your home. These alternative uses for koozies could be very helpful for your everyday use. So, take out the extra koozies from your closet and put them to good use!


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